Other Addictions

Yes, yes. We all love lists, so here we find ourselves. But there are other benign addictions to be had. Here are a couple of mine:

1) Black Clothes.
Specifically sweaters, shoes and skirts. My wardrobe is essentially three components repeated over and over again. Differences between similar pieces only discernible by the owner.

2) Mommy Blogs.
I am not a mother. My spouse and I do not intend to have children, but I just cannot give up on the Mommy Blogs in my bookmarks. Couldn't tell you why, but I just love them.

3) Carbs.

4) Sculptural Campfires.
Prior to burning, it is not uncommon that I should spend too much time creating very specifically designed stacks of paper, kindling and logs for the benefit of having a "One Match Fire." It very rarely happens, but is awesome when it does. I'm a little embarrassed I mentioned this...

5) Vacuuming.
When we bought our first house, I bought an outrageously expensive canister vacuum with attachments, hoses, specialty HEPA filters, the whole shebang. At least once a week for the last five years, I have spent a minimum of 1.5 hours using every attachment to gleefully suck up miscellaneous particles, cat fur, dirt, dust, spiderwebs...Everything from every horizontal and vertical surface in the entire 773 square feet and every single time it is gratifying.

What are your other addictions, List Makers?
Posted by Darcie


The Naked Redhead said...

Augh! I, too, am addicted to vacuuming, except now that I have a very small place, I attempt to vacuum ONCE A DAY. Holy balls, that's a little excessive.

I also am addicted to reading before bed. I HAVE to do it, no matter how tired, sick or drunk I am.

I am also addicted to the color grey...I love it, it goes with everything, and always manages to look hip and cool, whether it's your clothing, or decor. Fun list! :)

Melissa said...

Magazines, magazines, magazines. I just can't give them up; at least I'm a writer, so I can justify it. :)

jezzabellegiggles said...

this has been my fav list :)

1. Shoes..
omg ive got 27 pairs
2. Caffine + Chocolate = MOCHA
the best combination ever..
3. Scrapbooking..
im always with my album... my biggest procrastinator, my partner in crime..
4. My boyfriend's scent!!!
i dont know, there's something about that smell that i cant get enough!
5. Facebook.
enough said ;)

Darcie said...

jezzabellegiggles! i should have had shoes, caffeine, husband smell and facebook on my list, too. hah! i am addicted.

jezzabellegiggles said...

lol ;)

Rebecca said...

+ Using my hair straightener every morning
+ Buying a takeaway coffee in the morning
+ Eating dark chocolate every day
+ Reading a book when commuting
+ Reading blogs and facebook during downtime
+ Wearing boots (yes, winter here)
+ Collecting lip gloss (at least six just in my handbag)

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