Things That Make Me Nervous

Here are some of the everyday things that always make me feel a little nervous:
  • Malfunctioning toilets
  • Small children (so little and unpredictable!)
  • Watching the start of races
  • Being out of my depth in the sea
  • Letters from the tax man
  • When the petrol gauge is on empty (especially if I'm running late)
What sort of things give you butterflies?

Posted by Bridey


Anonymous said...

- checking my uni email
- showjumping over 2 foot
- going somewhere new for the first time
- talking on the phone

sparkly stars (: said...

running races, exams, being asked a question infront of everybody & aeroplanes?! (sorta.)

Eyeliah SS said...

-walking alone at night on empty streets.
-seeing transit police.
-going to a party where I only know a couple of people.

Anonymous said...

-being alone in my house at night
-public speaking

Anonymous said...

Deep Water

Anonymous said...

Oh gosh the manfunctioning toilets thing? That has been my PHOBIA since I was very young. To the point that it gives me actual, terrible nightmares.

See also:
Meetings (business, school, etc.)
Confronting people (your dog pooped and you didn't pick it up! It's ok, I'll pick it up :( )
Large gatherings at our apartment (Pets! Behave yourselves! Is there enough to eat? Are we messy slobs? Do people smell the pets and we don't because we're used to it? Are people enjoying themselves enough to want to come to the next shindig? GAH!)

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