Foods I'm Going to Eat this Summer

Summer has a flavor all its own, doesn't it? There are just certain foods that are never quite as delicious as they are this time of the year. Here's what I'll be stuff my craw with June-August.
  1. Corn on the cob, straight off the bbq, all smoky and slightly caramelized
  2. Caprese salad. I once went through a phase where I spent $15 a week on fresh mozz!
  3. Cherries by the bushel
  4. Homemade popsicles (pudding pops! mashed strawberries! passion fruit with mango juice!)
  5. The Best Couscous Salad in The Land (yes, it's practically the same as a Caprese salad. I don't care)
  6. Hobo potatoes, straight off the grill
  7. Curried potato salad (so innovative! so yummy!)
  8. Strawberries dipped in sour cream and then brown sugar

What are you eating this time of year?

Posted by Sarah Von


The Naked Redhead said...

Frozen fruit bars, Jeni's ice cream, asparagus on the grill, pizza on the grill, gorgeously colored, delicious summer ales. Yum!

Vixel said...

I always eat loads of strawberries, but I'm also looking forward to tuna steaks on the bbq, huge colourful salads, green tea ice cream, sushi in the park and those summer ales are definitely on my list too!

Eyeliah SS said...

Also corn on the cob.
Ice cream quickly beofre it drips.
Only once, fries on the beach!
yum yum

jezzabellegiggles said...

lots lots of frozen yougurt and cherries... mangoes are yummie in summer tooo...

Bridey said...

+ peas in the pod
+ cherries
+ nectarines
+ bbqs I miss summer, I'm on the wrong side of the world.

sparkly stars (: said...

mostly yummy fruits such as strawberrys, melon, grapes, peaches.
filling my belly with lots & lots of ice cream - chocolate chip is my all-time favourite. i kinda like raspberry sorbet to but only had that once on my holiday to france (:
chips from the chip shop to.
& lots of sweets.

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