Attributes I Want to Work On

I've recently decided that I'm going to make more of an effort to cultivate the following skills and/or attributes:
  • Über-organisation I'm not a Virgo but I may as well be with my love of colour-coding, excessive planning and of course list-making. If only I could keep up this level of organisation all the time...
  • Assertiveness I hate it when people are angry with me, and have a tendency to agree to keep the peace. But I would much rather learn to speak my mind a lot more!
  • Being unapologetically individual I love it when people are so comfortable with themselves that they never feel the need to make excuses to others about what they do/what they like/how they look etc
  • Impeccable manners I like to think that I have pretty good manners, but I guess there's always room for improvement!

What personality traits do you really admire?

Posted by Bridey

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Rebecca said...

+ Getting up early.
+ Getting to work early (actually, I'll even settle for on time).
+ Using all the fresh fruit and vegetables that come in my weekly delivery.
+ Putting things away as soon as I'm finished with them.
+ Being uber-organised (like you Bridey, I LOVE the look and thought of things organised, but I don't do it naturally).

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