Dudes I Totally Love

Okay, okay. It's apparent that I do have a "type." Let's call it Brooding, Sultry, Tortured Genius Guy With Good Hair. Now this isn't my standard list style, because I'm not going to explain why I love each of these guys, but I will write their names in list form and why they could be considered awesome. (top to bottom, left to right)

1) Steven Morrissey: Crooner Extraordinaire of The Smiths fame.

2) Johnny Depp: Sexiest Man Alive like 100 times.

3) Elvis Presley: King of Rock and Roll.

4) James Dean: Lived Fast, Died Young, Left a Good Looking Corpse.

5) Jim Morrisson: Wore leather pants, Self-proclaimed Lizard King.

6) Edward Cullen: Fictional Vampire, Early 21st Century Phenomenon.

7) My Husband: (not pictured) Totally Real, 100% Attainable Rock Star of My Life!
What dudes do you totally love?

Posted by Darcie


jezzabellegiggles said...

justin long (mac guy)

Marie said...

Ben Affleck
Patrick Stewart (Jean Luc Piccard)
Edward Cullen

Erin W said...

Hehe I love that it's Edward and not RPattz!

Anonymous said...

Gaspard Ulliel
Topher Grace
Justin Bartha
Mark Hoppus
Ed Westwick
Andy Samberg

Darcie said...

@erinw. I know, it's gotta be Edward. Honestly, Robert Pattinson as a person interests me very little, but that character! *swoon* like the 13 year old that I am in my heart. ;)

@Anonymous. ANDY SAMBERG. YES.

Melissa said...

Jake Gyllenhaal
Zac Efron
Jim Parsons

Kat said...

I'm all for Johnny Depp!

Anonymous said...

Andrew VanWyngarden
Ed Westwick
(young) Marlon Brando
Brandon Flowers

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