People I Want To Be For a Day

A member of the Anasazi Tribe
Southwestern climates, beautiful nightly sunsets, neat-o cliff side dwellings and all that pretty pottery? I may have been here in a former life. I am similtaneously and equally uneducated and fascinated by these people.

My Mom
My mom is sort of awesome and indeciperable. My entire life we've known each other and she still says things sometimes that feel like they come from an absolute stranger. I know she and I are alike in many ways, but we're also so different. Imagine having the opportunity to get inside the head of one of two people most like you in the entire world. What would that mean; how many things would you learn about yourself?

Elvis Presley
Like, not now, but when he was alive. Was he just zapped out on drugs, or in control of the machine? How aware of his cultural impact was he or did he just care about the next female conquest? Was he really a prudish weirdo in bed? What does it feel like to be host to such an incredible talent, to be craved by so many people?

A Contemporary Amish Housewife
Really. In the town where my grampa lives and the surrounding area, there are a lot of Amish farms. All my life, driving through the countryside we'd see the small, black, horse drawn carriages driven by people in similar clothes to one another. Boys in blue shirts and black pants; girls in blue dresses, aprons and bonnets. We would drive by their tidy farms and I'd think about the people inside, knowing how they lived without cars or electricity, grew all their own food, made their own clothes and went to church all. the. time. This deliberate life seems so liberating, every action a purpose.

A Nun or Monk
Now, this is sort of in the same vein as the Amish Housewife thing, but I imagine the impossibly simple lifestyle of someone so devoted to their faith and I find it unbelieveable and astonishing. Sequestered away from men and modernity and progress in an abbey in the mountains, silent except for my internal prayers? Being married to God? Or beekeeping, brewing mead and growing crops for distribution to the poor in my brown robe and funny bowl cut. Spending my pious life chanting and draped in saffron robes, devoted entirely to giving myself for my beliefs. Amazing! I wish I could.

Clara Bow/Edie Sedgewick/Paris Hilton/Any other "It Girl"
We haven't seen the entire story yet for Paris, but the demise of an It Girl is unendingly fascinating to me. Put yourself in those shoes. Everybody wants you, you're at the top of it all: money, lovers, fame, beautiful clothes, living an enviable life. But there's something seedy going on below, psychological undoing, drugs and debauchery, or in Hilton's case, maybe just being sort of a box of rocks. Can't say I wouldn't like to know what it's like to have whatever I wanted when I wanted it and to be surrounded by All the Beautiful People...

Who would you like to be for a day?

Posted by Darcie


Nicola said...

Clara Bow is such a good one! I'd love to be any of the flapper/female stars like her for a day. To be all girl power and have everyone shocked and appalled at your skirt-wearing and feminism. That'd be awesome. Also to see what it was like to be oppressed as a woman to that extent and to be changing it.

jezzabellegiggles said...

i wanna be WONDER WOMAN..


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