Things I Find Funny (That I Probably Shouldn't)

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1. Cheerleaders falling
Seriously, search it on YouTube. It’s hours and hours of endless entertainment.

2. Nephews “sassing”
As I watch my nephews grow up, I love watching how their little minds work, especially in situations where they are giving a little lip to my sister. One memorable occasion, my nephew (who apparently had been watching soap operas?) turned to my sister, hands on his hips and said, “Don’t you tell me ‘no’! Don’t you EVER tell me ‘no’!” with the most diva-ish flair. To this day, that phrase is one of our family favorites.

3. Unintentional inappropriate comments
In the workplace, or at an important function, there’s nothing better than to hear someone crossing the line verbally, especially when it’s done unintentionally. For instance, at a formal Christmas party for my workplace, I happened to see my dentist. I walked up to him and said hello, and he didn’t recognize me at first. So, I explained that I normally came to his office during work hours and usually wasn’t so fancy. He said, “Ohhhhh, Sarah! You look so different standing up with your clothes on!” I died. Right there. Dead.

4. Glass doors
Sorry, co-workers, but I think it’s really funny when you run into a super clean glass door. I know you thought the door was open, and I’ll ask if you’re ok, but on the inside—oh yes—I’m laughing.

5. Dirty old ladies (or men)
Need I say more? Really, there is nothing funnier than hearing a Senior Citizen speak frankly about awful things. Hello, Dr. Ruth, anyone?

What do you find funny that you probably shouldn’t?


MDS said...

Oh my goodness. Your dentist story just made me laugh out loud at my desk. Amazing!

Mavis said...

the disabled.

jezzabellegiggles said...

when some one falls or trips ;)

Sarah Von said...

Dressing animals in outfits. It's funny! every.single.time.

niceguyted said...

Pornography out-takes/bloopers.

Just kidding?

Jillian said...

I'm with niceguyted!

Mama Bird said...

when my husband tries to be mad and yell at me, I can't tell you how many fights have become bigger fights just because I bust out laughing when he gets all angry and mad. It really is funny seeing him all hot headed.

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