Thing's You Might Find in my Handbag

Guest post by Jezzabellegiggles.

Have you ever wondered why it take us 10 minutes just to find the car keys or 20 minutes to find the receipt at the return counter? Well it's because we have all this "stuff" in our handbag! There are no bricks in my bag, only stuff, important stuff like:
  1. ipod: can't leave home with out it
  2. Pink Umbrella: for all those rainy days
  3. Organiser: cant live without my filofax, I wouldn't know what to do next!
  4. Bottle of water: a busy woman needs to hydrate to keep that glowing look on her face
  5. Purse: umm.. I think this one is a must!
  6. LIPPY: you dont want to walk around with dry lips do you?
  7. Cell phone: to keep in touch with the girlfreinds
  8. A BOOK: to keep my mind busy on the way to Collage
  9. Keys: it usually takes me 10 minutes to find them before I leave home, and another 10 minutes to find them before I get home ;)
  10. Dried fruits: I always carry a small tub of dried fruit with me everywhere to avoid junk food when I'm a lil bit hungry!!
  11. PENS: all sorts of pens, in all sorts of colour! You never know when you might need them!
  12. Panadols: there is always a strip of panadol in my bag. ALWAYS!
  13. Tampons: in the case of an emergency, c'mon, we've all been there...
  14. Sunnies: just in case the sun decides to come out that day...
  15. Orange Tic Tac's: I love them.. low in calories, high in taste!

Yup, I've got all this in my bag right now! What's in yours? You might surprise yourself!


Bridey said...

+ chap stick (most important of all!)
+ card holder
+ coin purse
+ keys
+ 2009 diary
+ ciak journal
+ pencil case
+ book
+ cell phone
+ mittnes
+ sunglasses

I have stopped carrying a bottle of water after an unfortunate incident which has left half of my diary unreadable...


At this moment, this is what's inside my bag:

1. A DVD (I have no idea why!)
2. My purse
3. Two lipglosses
4. My iPod
5. Sunglasses
6. A sweet
7. Coins just scattered on the bottom

jezzabellegiggles said...

Thank you for sharring ♥

Godlesscupcake said...

Right now:
* dark tinted aviator sunglasses w/ case
* keys
* wallet & coin purse
* The Cultural Resistance Reader by Stephen Duncombe
* Ipod shuffle w/ headphones
* cell phone
* Agenda & multicolor ink pen
* Excedrin Migraine & Ibuprofen in a small hello kitty tin
* Comb
* pocket mirror
* vegan hemp lip balm
* a tin of Peet's loose leaf Masala Chai tea blend
* assorted scraps of paper, some of which containing lists

maya said...

Wet wipes! Always wet wipes!
silver stars
a pen with glitter on the outside
my moleskin diary
Samsung E250
house and car keys
hair clips and elastics in a pouch
money in a pale pink embroidered silk purse
assorted "points" cards at coffee places and dvd stores etc

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