Reasons I Should Have Stayed in Bed Today

Hillary, 30, lives in Boston. She works in a library by day and is a maker of things by night. She is married and has a cat named Daisyboo.
1. Coworker was nasty to me via email and I was the rude one for calling him on it.
2. Friend bailed on summer plans I knew would never happen but had gotten my hope up for.
3. I discovered today I am no longer able to eat peanut butter without wanting to vomit.
4. My cute "comfortable" red shoes are KILLING my pinky toe.
5. My fingernail chipped a mere 12 hours after I painted them (last night)
6. I accidentally dumped my lunch down the drain when I was pouring the water out.
7. I spilled iced tea down the front of my kid leather jacket.
8. I didn't get all the applesauce that exploded in my $300 purse out yesterday and now the inside is all sticky and so is everything in it.

Should you have stayed in bed today?


jezzabellegiggles said...

its raining outside!

Bridey said...

+ I'm getting a cold
+ the weather is freezing
+ I have a good book to read
+ my bed is incredibly comfortable

Lady Smaggle said...

Oh! I love this one

1. My phone running of credit one week after I recharged
2. Mr Smaggle's internet being broken.
3. Not knowing how to play a DVD at Mr Smaggle's house.
4. My pay not going through.
5. Realising on my last day of teaching special kids that I was in charge of the 'degenerative' room. Meaning all the gorgeous kids that I have completely fallen in love with are basically dying. I kind of wish they never told me that.


Whoa, you've really had bad luck today!

hillary said...

ahaaa this is my list! The picture is perfect too. I don't know if you know what I looked like but I am a redhead! This post was written in the middle of the 34 days of rain we had with no sun. bah!

Thanks for letting me post!

Rebecca said...

+ It was cold and rainy.
+ I didn't finish my work anyway, and could have done it all at home, in bed on a laptoop anyway.
+ I want to finish my book (Eat Pray Love).

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