Best Costumes I've Seen

Most people love the chance to dress up in amusing and/or outrageous costumes every now and then. Some of the best I've ever seen include:
  • Great White Shark Despite being deathly afraid of sharks, this is one of the best costumes ever. It was designed (by my mother) so that the wearer's arms fitted on each side of the jaw, enabling a chomping motion.
  • Bananas in Pyjamas This was even better since the two people who dressed up as B1 and B2 were twins. And that one of them lent me the mask/head for half of the night!
  • Mr 4 Square An iconic mascot for a New Zealand super market, I saw a group of people dressed up in this costume at Waitangi Day in London last year. Hilarious! (Probably more hilarious if you have a knowledge of kiwiana...)
  • Backwards Man Simple but effective, and the addition of an amusing song always makes a costume better!

What are the best fancy dress costumes you've ever seen, worn, or want to wear?

Posted by Bridey


Marie said...

In 7th grade I wore a broccoli costume made by my mom...that I asked for. I am still embarrassed.
Another favorite was a Christmas present in which we cut head and arm hole in a box and wrapped it. Not easy to move around in, but very cute!

Nicola said...

- A facebook profile, with their face as the profile picture and a sharpie attached to write on their wall!
- A dreidel
- A 300 spartan and a character from street fighter simultaneously drop-kicking one another!

Can you tell these were all in Santa Barbara at Halloween? ;)

Helen said...

once at halloween, just after steve erwin died, someone went to a party dressed up as him! the outfit was amazing. it was kind of a zombie steve erwin, with rubber snakes around him and a cork hat.

Christine said...

In high school, someone dressed up as a Deviled Egg... just an egg costume, but with red horns and a tail! It was cute.

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