Top Five Favorite Summer Smells

1. The Grill. I love walking through my neighborhood at about 6 pm during the summer. All that charcoal, fire-y barbecued goodness...mmmm.

2. Chlorine. Even though it's a totally unnatural scent, the clean, sharp smell of the pool instantly relaxes me.

3. Freshly Mown Grass. I actually enjoy the smell a few hours after the grass has been cut, after it has baked in the sun for awhile and filled the air with sweetness.

4. Ocean+Suntan Lotion+Cigarette Smoke. The smell of the beach is a combination of nature, fake coconut and nicotine. I love to breathe in that goodness...there's nothing else quite like it.

5. Carnivals/Festivals/Fairs. Like the beach combo above, carnivals, festivals and fairs combine cow manure and hay, deep fried foods, the oil from rickety rides and the crush of humans and smoke. It is "summer" just for the price of a ticket.

What are your favorite summer smells?

Posted by The Naked Redhead


Anonymous said...

Camp fires, Freshly cut grass, Popcorn

DT said...

i love the smell of sand after it has rained... and that of delicious food

Luinae said...

The sun- Yes, the sun smells. It smells warm and sunny

Popcorn- Grease and butter and salt, oh my!

Ocean- I love the water, and the smell of the ocean is beautiful and feels like it's calling me

Christine said...

I live near a lake, and warm lake water smells soooo good.

Also, grass, bon fires, and BBQ. Mmm!

Brooke said...

I think you pretty much summed up the best scents! There's nothing like the smell of chemicals in the morning wafting over from my neighborhood pool... Love me some chlorine :)

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