Simple Cures For What Ails You

1) My Mom's Homemade Chicken Noodle Soup with Homemade Egg Noodles
Even in my staunchest vegetarian years, this was a free pass. She makes the noodles from scratch, rolling the dough on a tea towel, cuts the strips with an old knife and hangs them to dry on white strings woven between the cabinet handles throughout the kitchen. Made with so much love, it's the opposite of deadly potent.

2) Sunshine and/or a Jog Around The House
Growing up, if my brother and I ever fought we were advised to a) "go outside" or b) run around the house outside until we were too tired to fight. Today, when I feel angry or frustrated getting in the sun or getting active outside does the trick.

3) Peppermint Tea
Sings on the tongue, brightens any attitude. You can put that on the label because it's not a snake oil remedy. Turns a rainy day at your office computer into a delightful respite. This stuff could lead to world peace.

4) A Great Big Hug
Are you sad? Crying? Desperate? Exasperated? You've had enough of this stinking world? I'm sure your favorite hugger could help bring you a step in the right direction. Oh, come on! They could.

5) A Nap Maybe
you need to look at it with some sparkly rested eyes, a brain that isn't so world weary. I guarantee (more or less) that most anything will seem better after a good rest. Just remember that rule about never going to bed angry...that's the only stipulation.

What simple things make you feel so much better?

Posted by Darcie


cutewosie said...

* warm jello water
* fuzzy sweatshirts
* flowers

gabi dickinson said...

the right song

Ms Constantine said...

*Soft white bread in either a plain margarine sandwich, or toasted

*Orange flavoured e2 energy drink

These are my hangover cures but work in most situations where I'm feeling sick

Jackie said...

++ a shot of lemon and honey
++ hot chocolate with big, puffy marshmallows
++ my boyfriend's sweatshirt
++ sassafras tea

Vixel said...

* Energy shots
* A nice hot cup of tea (Well, I am English after all!)
* Toast and marmite
* A few deep breaths of pure oxygen (yes, really, I bought some online to try as a hangover cure and it's amazing!)

Anonymous said...

-Fries and a coke when my stomach or head aches. Works every time.
-A breeze of fresh, cool air.

The Naked Redhead said...

NAP, always a nap. I have definitely found that most of the bad attitudes I've had in life are directly related to a lack of sleep.

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