Ways I Love to Procrastinate

No, I really don’t need to know whose cartoon wife I’d be, or which Harry Potter name fits me best, but it sure is fun to while away the hours doing nothing on Facebook. PLUS, it’s a great opportunity to spy on people and judge them silently.

I’m kind of a clean freak anyway, but give me a project looming over my head, and suddenly, it is of the utmost importance that I shine the toaster.

I am not the kind of worrier that I can’t fall asleep when responsibility calls. Quite the contrary…I find impending responsibility to have a soporific effect.

Is there any other place on earth more fun to walk-through and browse? Target is a shopping experience that allows a person to find hidden nooks and crannies jammed with clearance items, like Mail-able Picture Frames! Or, Funky Pillow Cases! All products that, of course, one must spend at least twenty minutes contemplating the necessity of owning such a thing.

List Making
That’s right, fellow List Makers. You know we do it. There’s no better way to put off what we should do today by organizing it until tomorrow.

How do you procrastinate?


Amanda Nicole said...

Twitter and my blog feed reader are excellent procrastination stations around here. Oh, and watching my cat :)

Marie said...

Wow... have you been watching me procrastinate because those are exactly what I do. I also have a tendency to bake as a procrastination method.

Luinae said...

Post pointless things on twitter, take naft quizzes on facebook, and re watch videos on youtube.

Anonymous said...

Facebook quizzes
Learning random things on ehow and wikihow
putting my bookmarks into folders
reading pleasure reading instead of doing school reading
watching tv

Jackie said...

++ Facebook
++ Read whatever is in my google reader
++ Organize my closet and my pink tub of stuff
++ Play video games

Vixel said...

* Music videos for the songs of my childhood on Youtube
* Tidying - procrastination is about the only thing that can get me to tidy my room!
* Taking webcam photos of myself pulling faces
* Re-reading books

Anonymous said...

Facebook, Gaia Online, Watching TV - always a winner.

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