Five Totally Random Things I'm Fascinated By

I regularly get told that my interests are "random", "eclectic" and that I "don't look like the type" to be interested in the subjects that I find fascinating. This may however, be the reason I have a long list of subjects I'd like to study academically at some point. Here are five of my so-called "random" interests:
  1. Hacking and hacker culture - I've no idea where this came from, it's just something I've found really interesting from quite a young age. I don't have the technical skills to be part of it, but reading about other peoples' technology exploits amazes me!
  2. Religion - I was brought up Catholic, but as I became more sceptical of the religion I also became more interested in it's history and similarities to other religions. Theology is definitely one of the subjects I'd like to study sometime.
  3. "Weird" illnesses - I guess because I have my own fair share of relatively rare medical quirks!
  4. Drugs - I'd never try them, but I find it really interesting how things like heroin were sold as cough remedies and given to kids! I love all the old advertising too!
  5. Space Travel - I'm just a big nerd!
Do you have any totally random fascinations that are completely contrary to what people perceive as your image?


Stef said...

Quantun Physics/Philosophy
yes, together, maybe that's why they think it's random
Rock and Roll history

Anonymous said...

1.Jack the Ripper

2.Religions-I was brought up Catholic as well but I love hearing about other religions. Recently my fav one to learn about are pagan/Goddess centric religions.

3.Old cameras/tech i.e. typewriters
I discovered my Dad's old film camera (from the 70s!) and feel in love with film. I also have a 120 film camera and a Polaroid.

4.Alice in Wonderland

5.Gothic culture/fashion
I'm not a Goth but I love the Victorian Age and of course I read Poe's stories in school and grew to love the macabre so the subculture interests me.

6.mental health
It facsinates me! Treatments, old asylums, anything.

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