If The Internet Didn't Exist (My Riff On It)

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If the internet didn't exist...
  1. I'd have sex. Ok, a lot more of it anyways. It would be awe inspiring, the amount of naughty bedroom antics that would occur here, nightly.
  2. I'd go for daily walks. Maybe I'd work out more. I'd stop reading stuff about how important it is to get off my butt for at least 60 minutes a day and do so.
  3. I would talk on the phone again. Or maybe I'd hang out with people again. Remember when NOBODY instant messaged or texted? You'd call someone up or you'd go over and see them. People stopped by each other's houses for coffee and a chat. For real. Isn't that amazing!
  4. I would stop pretending to work when really, I'm looking at funny stuff online. In the days before internet, I was only on my computer to do things like write. In my introduction to the internet, I never emailed or blogged or looked up random garbage, but rather I would research, check my bank account, and oh yeah, write.
  5. I'd try two new recipes a week out of the gazillion cookbooks I already own instead of looking up new and bizarre recipes online.
  6. I would read more. Ok, so this is a bit of a stretch since I already try to read a book a week and I have subscriptions to more magazines than you can imagine. But I do remember when my evenings used to center around making a wonderful dinner, cleaning up, going for a walk, and then settling in with a mug of tea, my journal, and my book. I'd read and write until the wee hours of the am.
  7. I wouldn't have so many headaches. This I am sure of.
  8. I would have to find my husband a new career. Poor guy. He's freelancing, building websites, designing software, and 99% of what he does, what he needs, etc., is on the internet. It's his whole other universe. What would he do instead?
  9. I'm sure I wouldn't write every day. Maybe I would. Sometimes I wonder whether the internet really does help my creative process or if it just hinders it. But there would be days where instead of writing, I'd be doing other stuff. Going places, seeing things. Maybe I would be writing fewer useless things?
  10. I would eat less. Obviously with the advent of things like cable, dvr, the internet, video games, etc., people sit on their bums a lot more. We also sit on our bums doing these things while we eat. We eat with total lack of conscience and pay no attention to whats going in our mouths, how much is going in, whether we really want it or not, and whether we're even hungry. We basically eat for something to do. Not appealing.
Peace out!

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DT said...

Hahahaha..!! I agree with everyone of that! :o)

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