Things Everybody Says Are Life Changing (But I've Never Tried)

You know those things that your friends are always raving about? Grabbing your arm and insisting that "Really, no! You have to try it!"? Saying that their lives will now be divided into two halves, before ______ and after _______? Well, I haven't done lots of those things. Things like:

1. Going to Therapy
I've never really felt the need. What would I talk about? My incredibly normal childhood? My incredibly average body? My vague fear of success? I'm pretty even-keeled. But what if I went to therapy and suddenly I didn't have any problems and my life was 100% amazing? Instead of the 90% amazing that it currently is?

2. Going Raw
Yeah, yeah. You've got insane amounts of energy. Your skin looks amazing. You're spending $200 a week and all your time on produce. I'll keep my totally average amount of energy and skin clarity and all that money, thankyouverymuch.

3. Getting a Bra Fitting
Didn't Oprah tell us that something like 125% of women are wearing the wrong size bra? And aren't we all sure that we're the one woman in America who's wearing the right size? I feel like I'm wearing the right bra size - I don't have a lot of backfat bulging about and my cup does not runneth over. But okay, I might cave and try this one.

4. Skydiving
Allegedly, skydiving can trigger a bit of puking for those of us who are prone to motion sickness (and I am a competition level puker) but everybody I know who's done it says it's fantastic. Fantastic enough to make up for two days of barfing? I think I might actually want to find out!

5. Finding Religion
Ummm. I don't know about this one. I do know approximately two people who partake in organized religion and it really does seem to bring them a lot of peace. But I'm not sure it's my bag. The best I can do at this point is a bit of Universal Unitarianism. Or as I like to call it - the non-church.

What are your friends prattling on about that you should try? And how it's going to blow your mind?

Posted by Sarah Von


Ashe Mischief said...

I have a friend who is very religious, and it seems to cause her more conflict than anything.

Allison said...

I've heard a lot re: the life changing properties of Burning Man. But I still have no desire to go. ;]

The Naked Redhead said...

Yeah, skydiving is not for me. I even put it on my f*ckit list ( There are plenty of other things I am scared of that I can do anyway to get my jollies.

For instance, there has been a HUGE spider living right. Next. to my front door. I have not killed my little friend, nor batted at her with a broom. I simply tremble a little and try not to make eye contact. IT'S SO EXHILARATING. :)

I do want to try a strip class. I hear it totally opens the door to your inner sex kitten.

Luinae said...

That weird "secret" thing that EVERYONE insists totally works. So if I think I will be rich, I'm going to get money. And I don't have to work for it or put in any time. Uh-huh. *rolls eyes*

ChristaLouWho said...

Going raw is nice, but I wouldn't say life changing. Therapy with a good therapist is, on the other hand, revolutionary. I spent some time going regularly not to work out issues but to become a better, more assertive and assured version of myself. 2 thumbs up!

Stompface said...

oh lists. so many lists so little time.
oh i do love lists yes indeedy.


Anonymous said...

Hey not true. I'm raw and it costs me $45US a week on food. Maybe I don't eat as much as those other rawies... who supposedly eat 2 bunches of greens a day. I'd be stuffed silly.

peekadog said...

I confess to having been fit for a bra and finding that the right size can make a difference. I, however, did not like it when the nice woman at Norstrom's told me I had DD cups. My first thought was, "What? That's stripper sized boobs! No way!"

Jackie said...

Finding the right bra really is nice, but I wouldn't say that it's life-changing lol

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