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Aside from this truly marvellous blog, there are many other wonderful excuses online for us List Addicts to indulge our addictions! Here are five of my favourites:
  1. Day Zero - home of the 101 Things in 1001 Days project, a list project I hope to fully participate in myself this year.
  2. 43 Things - If you can't think of 101 items or don't like the idea of a time limit, this site allows you to make lists of, you guessed it, 43 things and connect with other users to share your lists and ideas.
  3. Listverse - This site presents itself as "The Ultimate Top 10 Site" and has lots of entertaining trivia lists from the educational to the bizarre!
  4. Ta-Da Lists - A site that allows you to share your to-do lists with the world, or just keep them online for yourself so you can access them from anywhere!
  5. Mint Printables - A free printable stationary site that offers printables made specifically for us listmakers!

What are your favourite Online list-making tools?


Brooke said...

Day Zero offers one of my favorite lists! It's so fun making your 101 things and then doing them... oh em gee, it's so fun to check them off and feel accomplished :D

Luinae said...

Oooooh, I really like Mint Printables.

Nicole Ioma said...

Ooh thanks for the links, I'm excited to check these out =)

Laura said...! Excellent links :)

Molly Roxanne said...

This has inspired me to FINALLY start the 101 things in 1001 days project !!! =)

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