5 Lists I Need to Write This Week

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Lists are currently helping me run my life more than ever, as my new phone (Palm Pre) has a list making programme themed to look like a Moleskine and it's totally brilliant! As such, here are five lists I'm going to require this week:
  1. Expenses for the next couple of months - November and December are a pretty pricey time of year, and I need to make sure I set enough cash aside for the important things!
  2. Things to pack - I'm going to be away for a couple of nights from Friday, and I always forget something important if I don't have a checklist.
  3. A revised Xmas-buying list - So I can check off who I've already bought presents for and ensure that I don't leave anyone out.
  4. Lunch supplies - I've been taking my own food from home instead of buying lunch at work and it's saved me a lot of money, but I'm running low on supplies now!
  5. Blog posts to write - I'm trying to schedule a few and get ahead of myself for once!

What lists are you writing this week?


nifer said...

I can't live without lists either: grocery shopping lists, my Christmas wish list, Christmas present buying list, to-do list! They never end! And, vacation packing lists are my life-savers too!

~ Jen

Luinae said...

Mine are:

1. A list of blog posts to write
2. A Christmas wish list (want to buy my love?) :)
3. Paperwork to fill out (resumee, reference letters)
4. To-do list (always!)
5. A songs I want to buy list (Itunes is calling my name......)

Anonymous said...

I'm moving house/city/state in two weeks time. I'm steadily crossing things off my list though, and I've packed two boxes so far!

Ms. Marie said...

Hi! Thank you for responding! I think I indeed did send an email already. But thanks for letting me know!

Miss Sofia said...

1. Ideas for New Year's Eve parties
2. This month's budget
3. Ways to save up more money
4. A huge to-do list
5. Blog post ideas!

jade said...

this week:
Things i need to devote my life to this summer so that i dont get bored because i have a 4 month uni break and i hate feeling unaccomplished.


Rebecca said...

I just finished 4.5 pages in my notebook of things that need cleaning organising in each room of the house before Christmas.

Other I need to write today are:

+ Things to complete at work before going on leave
+ Christmas presents to give

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