Must Have, Go-to Products That I Can't Live Without

Posted by The Naked Redhead

I'm kind of a "flitter" when it comes to some of the products I use.  I love to try new fabric softeners or foundations, which is why the local drug store is one of my favorite places in the whole world.  There are, however, some products that I am a die-hard loyalist for and cannot live without.  Here they are in no particular order:

1.  Lint Rollers (any brand)--With three animals in my house, I kid you not when I say that I have a lint roller in several rooms of my home, in my car, at work, and sometimes a mini-roller in the purse.  "White is the new Black" if I don't get a chance to de-fuzz myself several times a day.

2.  Tampax Pearl Tampons--I think it was my own father who told me, "There are products that you scrimp on, like cereal and tissues.  Personal hygiene products should never be scrimped on."  While this was an odd conversation to have with Dear Old Dad, I took it to heart and am a brand loyalist for my hoo-ha.  I think she appreciates my concern.

3. L'Oreal Voluminous Mascara--I've tried many drug-store mascaras and I always come back to this one.  It's amazing...ALMOST comparable to DiorShow, which is awesome but I won't buy because I find it to be a ridiculous waste of money (I'd rather just have a new pair of shoes).

4.  Men's White Hanes V-Neck T-shirts and Tanks--I really don't know what I'd do without these staples in my drawer.  They're great for layering, work-outs, summer, winter, you name it.  I go through a couple of packs of each per year.  At less than ten bucks (US) for a pack of five, they're a steal.  AND, the tanks are cut long!  Perfection.

5.  Method Best in Glass Cleaner--Cute design, good for the environment, and smells like mint.  What else could your surfaces (and nose!) ask for?

What are your must-have products?


Ms Constantine said...

Hanes tees are $10 for a 5 pack in the US?! They're almost twice that for a SINGLE tee in NZ! :[

I too love lint rollers. Except I use the same brand every time. They are the cheapest and have heaps more sheets. Except the actual roller always seems to break. I still buy the same brand every time though!

I use the same tinted moisturiser and bronzer all the time as well. I don't know much about make up and these products work well enough so I'm too scared to try something new. lol.

The Naked Redhead said...

What?? $20 for a Hanes tee? That is insanity, my friend. I know that in the US, the girl's/women's Hanes tees are way pricier for less tees, but I literally scour the men's underwear section to find mine. I think dudes must care much less about packaging because it's the same material, just bigger and more of them in a pack.

LOVE tinted moisturizer! It's a life saver.

hillary said...

Mac Plushlash mascara
Moroccan oil
Name brand Advil for my head
Kiehl's formula 133 for hair

NGS said...

I learned the hard way that you need to spend the money on McCormick's chili powder and you can't get the store brand. The very hard way.

Marie said...

My brand loyalties tend to be more for food than anything else...
Tillamook cheddar cheese - this stuff is so much better than store brand.
Philadephia cream cheese -for spreading, baking, etc. And not the low fat kind.
I also love Method products :)

Being Samiantha said...

I couldn't agree more!!!

Men's Hanes Tanks in ANY colour,
Tampax Pearl Tampons
L'Oreal Voluminous Mascara
Extra Strength Motrin -(amazing if you experience cramps, next best thing to illegal drugs)
Mitchum Ladies / Adias(pink)roll on deordants. -(Neither stain your clothes and have staying power)

other extra's I'm loyal too
Goat Feta - staple in my house
Kosher Picklers
Burts Bee's Lip Balms

Eternal*Voyageur @ Venusian*Glow said...

Here's a tip: sometimes it's the brush and not the mascara that's so fabulous. Keep the brush, wash it, and try applying another mascara with it !

RazorCandy said...

Mac Zoomlash mascara
Lip balm. ANY lip balm.
Mac mineralize powder (for good skin days) or studio fix foundation (for the rest of my days)
Oxy pads and Clinique Dramatically Different moisturizer
Yellowtail Shiraz

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