A Century in Cinematic Style (or, 10 Movies to Break You Out of a Style Rut)

A. is a grad student attempting to be glamourous, who writes about style, school and combinations thereof on her blog The Glamourous Grad Student. She loves doggies, dresses and dessert.

Whenever I'm feeling uninspired by my wardrobe, I like to pop a DVD on, make a hot chocolate and wile away a delicious ninety minutes (give or take) making mental notes of looks I love. Here are ten movie suggestions.

1. Gigi (1900s)
Because turn-of-the-century French courtesans know how to bring the style.

2. Titanic (1910s)
Not the most cheerful movie ever made but Kate Winslet's fantastic wardrobe makes up for the teary bits.

3. Chicago (1920s)
The sequins! The fringing! And all. That. Jaaaaaaaaaazzz!

4. Miss Pettigrew Lives for a Day (1930s)
So many chic costumes in just one day. It's light, funny and altogether adorable.

5. The Black Dahlia (1940s)
This one is more dark and serious, but watch for Scarlett Johansson's smouldering noir style.

6. Mona Lisa Smile (1950s)
Fabulous Fifties style outfits and gorgeous prom dresses abound.

7. Down With Love (1960s)
All candy-colours and sharp Sixties style. Cute decor as well as costumes.

8. Almost Famous (1970s)
Penny Lane shows us how that free-spirited hippy-chic look is done.

9. Charlie Wilson's War (1980s)
For a different take on the 80s that doesn't involve neon and leggings.

10. Amelie (1990s)
Watch Audrey Tatou rock the quirky Parisienne look. It's a charming movie that will brighten your day.

What about you? What are your favourite stylish movies?


Anonymous said...

Gigi! Amazing movie.

Eyeliah said...

you defined the decades beautifully - well done! next up 1800s? :)

could I vote for some flipsides as well?
1910s My Fair Lady
1920s Aviator or The Hours
1930s stuck.....
1940s Australia
1950s Rebel Without a Cause
1960s Somethings Got To Give
1970s Boogie Nights
1980s Desperately Seeking Susan
1990s Reality Bites

Anonymous said...

I love Holly's style in P.S. I Love You. She dresses like Audrey Hepburn, and who can go wrong with that? =D

Leia said...

I haven't seen all of these but I did love the ones I saw!

Eternal*Voyageur @ Venusian*Glow said...

Now I have to watch all of these that I haven't seen. Damn you.

Sometimes Somersaults said...

500 Days of Summer (2000's)

Because Zoe D's uber-cute take on hipster outfits would make any girls heart melt.

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