Favorite Traditions

Everyone has a tradition at this time of year, whether it's putting out cookies for Santa, listening to that old Tony Bennett Christmas CD, or watching The Grinch.  I've discovered that I actually have little traditions that I do throughout the year for no apparent reason other than, well, they've just happened.  Here are just a few:

1.  On Christmas Eve, I drink a bottle of wine straight from the bottle.  OK, I know it sounds really depressing and lame, but I promise, it's a good thing (well, relatively speaking.  Obviously, a bottle of water would be a healthier choice, but much less fun).  This tradition started a few years ago when, on Christmas Eve, three dramatic events happened in my life.  First, I drove my car onto a rock (yes, ONTO, not INTO).  Second, I realized the guy that I was dating was a total tool and I dumped his ass.  Third, I got closure for the first time from my ex (er, not the newest ex I'd just dumped, the one I was married to...THAT ex).  The entire day called for wine and I joyously obliged.  I carry on this tradition every Christmas Eve now and thank the universe for helping me become a better person on that day. 

2.  On Thanksgiving Eve, I meet my friends at the Surly Girl Saloon.  This tradition also started a few years ago when my friend Lisa and I were sad and lonely the day before Thanksgiving.  Looking for a little cheer, we headed to one of the only open bars and started calling up random people.  The group ended up being eclectic and diverse, but we had so much fun.  So every year, we meet up there again and the group is always colorful.  Loves it.

3.  On my birthday, I make my secret recipe super fatty pasta dish.  I'd eat this recipe every week if I could, but the amount of calories would ensure that I'd be a candidate for The Biggest Loser in no time.  Mmm...all that delicious butter, cream, mushrooms and shrimp poured over a bed of linguine...it makes me wish it were my birthday right now.

What are your traditions during this season and throughout the year?


Chrissy said...

Every Xmas I ask the kids ( now adults) what they would like for Xmas dinner... One year it was Italian- so the lasagna recipe came out...this year its Southern... so I made fried chicken, collard greens (omg I love them), mac and cheese...

Christa said...

Maybe I'm a moron, but I can't figure out how to follow your blog! Do you have a link anywhere? :O

Regular Betty said...

just a quick series of thoughts and questions in list form;
1. Can I join your secret list society
2. How can I follow your blog
3. I'm thinking there must be millions of us kindred list making spirits
4. Again, I want to be in the society

Regular Betty

Pamster said...

List addicts? Where art thou? Miss it.

kanishk said...

One year it was Italian- so the lasagna recipe came out.

wagyu steak

enterrement vie de jeune fille Paris said...

I like Christmas dinner.

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