Heavy Metal Bands Even Super-Intelligent-Non-Metalheads Will Enjoy

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If you've been blessed (or cursed) to have known a metalhead in your life, they've probably invested serious time and energy trying to convert you to the dark side.

I am no different. Here are some metal bands I promise you will love:

1. Nightwish
Nightwish play extremely melodic, gothic-style heavy metal, with violins and keyboard melodies and, until recently, a trained female opera singer on lead vocals. Nightwish are what Evanescence WISH they could be, and if you'd love to hear epic retellings of Scandinavian myths and laments of lost love, you should check them out: Best Nightwish Songs: Over the Hills and Far Away, the Poet and the Pendulum, Wishmaster, Phantom of the Opera, Amaranth, Sleeping Sun.

2. Blind Guardian
Are you a fan of Lord of the Rings? Blind Guardian brings Tolkien's stories to life. If you thought there was no magic left in the world, you NEED to listen to these guys. Most Magical Songs: Valhalla (live), the Bard Song, Time Stood Still (at the Iron Hill), Skalds and Shadows, Fly, Imaginations from the Other Side, )

3. Amon Amarth
These Finnish boys play death metal, but - no, don't turn away in disgust, you're going to love this! Trust me! Amon Amarth play death metal about Vikings. Their songs make you want to charge into battle, swords drawn and calling down death and destruction ... in the nicest possible way, of course. They are the only band I know who incorporate double-bass drumming into a ballad. Most Brutal Tunes: Guardians of Asgard, With Odin on Our Side, Fate of Norns, Valhalla Awaits Me, Runestone to My Memory.

4. Manowar
Manowar, my favorite band of all time, sing cheesy classic heavy metal (clean vocals, crisp melody, no growling) about slaying the enemies of false metal and riding motorcycles into the sunset. Their lyrics make me giggle. Favorite Tunes of True Metal: The Gods Made Heavy Metal, Hail and Kill, Kings of Metal, Warriors of the World, All Men Play on Ten.

5. Svartsot
Danish Svartsot sound like Trolls having a party. For real. It's Death Metal with a tin-whistle. Best Trollish Jigs: Jotunheimsfærden, Gravøllet, Tvende Ravne, Bersærkergang.

What musicians do you think we should hear?


Erin said...

My husband recently introduced me to Wolfmother and The Sword. I'll totally be turning him on to these bands, though!

Unicorns For Socialism said...

Oh, hell yeah! I just added a bunch of your suggestions to the bottom of my "Songs I Never Get Sick Of" playlist:


I've always been intrigued by heavy metal, but all the growling and burliness scared me off. This stuff is very approachable, though -- even for a metal noob like me! :D

Anonymous said...

You've picked some great bands. amon amarth is one of my favorite bands.

Also really good is Demons&Wizards, a side project of the singer of Blind Guardian, sounds very similar.

And never forget Arch Enemy. Even though you might not hear it from the songs they have a female lead singer.

Eluveitie is a Swiss band who play folk metal.

I think altogether it's easier for non-metalheads to listen to these kind of bands because they are not too heavy and brutal. They often have lyrics about mythic legends and folk tales.

Real great party music is from Korpiklaani. A finnish Humppa band. It's really fun to listen with a vibe like Svartsot.

Anonymous said...

Yes! (old) Nightwish!

Finns make the best metal :)

condo costa rica said...

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Anonymous said...

Finns do not make the best metal. Americans, Germans and the English do.

Von Immel said...

Equilibrium!! They must make this list!

Suraj45 said...

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I really like the bands you listed!

Anonymous said...

Amon Amarth are Swedish not Finnish

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