Only The Best Is Good Enough

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Most of the time, I like to think of myself as quite frugal, but there are some instances where only the best will do. These are the things I will pay extra for, to get my favourite brand, or simply because I believe it makes a difference.
  1. Coffee - I love coffee, but I absolutely loathe most "cheap" coffee. I can't drink instant anymore, it just doesn't taste as good as the proper stuff, and even cheap, fresh coffee doesn't do it for me!
  2. Foundation - I've never found anything that works as well as my MAC stuff does!
  3. Coats - Every cheap coat I've had has looked terrible after one season, and I like my outerwear to last!
  4. Cheese - Because real creamy, delicious cheese is so much better than cheap processed stuff that tastes of plastic!
  5. Haircuts - It really seems to make a difference, especially when you have uneven shoulders like me, to have one's hair cut somewhere that's as good as you can afford.
  6. Spirits - No Smirnoff or supermarket whisky for me, I like Belvedere and proper single malts!

What do you find it pays to pay premium for?


That Kind of Girl said...

Dude, sometimes I feel like most of one's work as a consumer in one's 20s is the express task of figuring out what one simply cannot skimp on. Like, I try to cut every single corner possible, but every once in a while, I'll stoop too low and end up aghast with the life I'm forcing myself to lead.

Must have: Tampax Pearl tampons; at least mid-shelf booze; fresh veggies (not frozen and NEVER canned); name-brand soda.

I'm sure there are a couple others, and, on the other hand, there are tons of things I can go totally cheap on now without noticing the difference. It's all about the trade-offs!

Vixel said...

Oh yes! I forgot about tampons, they're *definitely* something not to skimp on!

I actually quite like frozen veggies, but that may be laziness more than anything else!

Chrissy said...

I agree about the coffee... Can't imagine I could get a cup of instant down... What's that saying " u get what u pay for'?

Literary Crap said...

Cheap coffee and cheap tampons--two very easy ways to ruin my day!

A male friend's disastrous discount haircut sold me on never skimping on haircuts!

Jen said...

I agree with you on all of the above! I'll also splurge on good jeans and classic, daily shoes since I tend to run those into the ground.

Elizabeth. said...

Underwear. Good quality, good-looking bras and undies that fit me properly and make me feel like a SEX GODDESS. Even the plain black ones will have this effect if they fit well.

Crafty Lulu said...

I will not skimp on: coffee, tampons, Dr Pepper, good gin, underwear that FITS, and shampoo/conditioner.

Unicorns For Socialism said...

As for me, no skimpery on:

> Journals and diaries (Moleskine or bust!)

> Internet connection (must be hi-speed / Wifi, or tears of rage come raining down)

> Tea (loose-leaf = happiness)

> Bubble bath (my friend gave me a bottle of sake-infused bath soap, and it changed my entire outlook on life)

> Face wash (because life's too short for crappy skin)


I like to consider the expensive things I buy as an investment. You have to buy great shoes, great bags, great cameras if you want them to last for years and years without any flaws.

Law Girl said...

Even as a starving law student who is semi-financially dependent on her cop fiance I cannot bring myself skimp on:

~ Tampons (I mean really if you don't splurge for things that go up there...)

~ Haircuts (I have to wear my hair every day!)

~ Coffee (I refuse to buy Maxwell House. I will switch between what is on sale when it comes to nice coffee though - Starbucks one week, Seattle's Best the next!)

~ Anything law school related (textbooks, study guides, MacBook, bar review course - I'll buy whatever I need to succeed!)

~ Bourbon or Scotch (especially if I'm drinking it on the rocks)

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