Things I Learned from Working With Men

Brittany is a college student with a fanatical love of cardigans. She writes about this and many other things at her blog Invasion of Personal Space.

This past summer I have worked at Shattalon Tire and Automotive with 8 men... not a single female. All the jobs I have had have mainly been with all women (typically worked with children which equals working with women). But working with men gave me a front row viewing of the inner workings of men.

1. Steak Biscuits from Bojangles for Breakfast is Entirely Healthy and Necessary.
Seriously about every day the assistant manager would go to Bojangles and get steak biscuits for whoever wanted it. I sometimes did join in but everyday? Really?

2. Men are Easily Entertained.
The ultimate form of entertainment- knocking someone's pen out of their breast pocket. The highlight of their day is when they can come up and hit the pen out of someone else's pocket. They crack up! Another source of entertainment for them is taking the paper clips and then trying to throw them into the paper clip holder. I'm not gonna lie, throwing paper clips= tons of fun.

3. Men get over things quickly.
One minute they can be cussing about how stupid and incompetent their coworkers are and the next they are laughing with each other and going to grab a bite to eat. Men fuss and then they're done. I have to say I am amazed and jealous. Why can't women be more like that?

4. Men Can Be Shallow.
We have a TV upfront so customers can watch while they wait. And I noticed that we always watched Regis and Kelly. It turns out they base their viewing selection on what show has the hottest host. Typical men.

5. Putting the Toilet Seat Down is Not a Top Priority.
For the first couple of weeks I almost fell into the toilet more than once. Luckily I became accustomed to checking before sitting.

6. Men Can Be Surprisingly Thoughtful and Sweet.
A couple of weeks ago one of the mechanics came up to me and told me not to pack lunch that he was going to bring me something. Well, the next day I was greeted with a fresh salad, Chicken Cacciatore, and bread. It was amazingly good and very sweet of him. And on my last day they gave me a card that they all signed with some money that they noted should be for “something fun."
Have you ever worked in a male-only work enviroment? What did you learn from them?


Erin said...

Um, Brittany? I totally live in the same town as you. My in-laws live just a few minutes from where you worked. Awesome!!

Melanie's Randomness said...

I work in a male-only environment & I've learned that they can talk about sports for hours upon hours without a pause & be completely content. They can be absolute insensitive jerks.

AND you can't use girly stores like nail salons & clothing stores in directions because they'll do the "What? uhh so Where is that?". You need to use Strip clubs, liquor stores, & sports stores as locations to give directions.

Anonymous said...

I've been heavily involved in the SCOUTING movement for 8 years! Talk about all-male working environment.

If I've learned anything, it's that those males are the most loyal creatures you'll ever meet. 8 years is a long time and I'm still great friends with the guys I met day one. Every single one of them would go up to bat for me, and not just for me, but for each other also. They're incredibly proud and protective of their work and their friends... what more could a gal ask for?

Another great life lesson... respect is always earned. Just because I'm a girl in a boy scout camp doesn't mean that they'll worship my feet or lift heavy things for me... but they WILL do these things if I show them I'm a hard worker too. If I get out there and work hard, they'll work hard for me too. That's just life; not a male-only environment thing.

Chrissy said...

Never worked in an all male environment.. Then again most of the corporations are set up by males- or they use to be so that's like working in an all male enviro.. we had to adhere to their way of doing things which include your list up there1 lol...
After all these years I have found men can admit when they are wrong... at least those are the ones that I have come across... not speaking for the whole species- don't get me wrong...

kanishk said...

They can be absolute insensitive jerks.

wagyu beef

Brittany said...

I love that other people can relate to working with guys (even if not everything we learn from them is great).

And Erin- that's crazy that we live in the same town! How cool!

The Naked Redhead said...

I've learned that men can be horrible gossips! Seriously, an old (male) boss used to stir more shit than any person I've ever met. So don't buy the stereotype that only women like to talk about other do it, too!

Brittany said...

I definitely agree... my first day at work different ones of the guys would come and tell me about all the other people's pasts. Huge gossips, except somehow they don't see it as gossiping.

nifer said...

Such good insight. I like to be reminded of #3. Sometimes I imagine my boyfriend is harboring a grudge when he really is just responding to my harboring! LOL

Heidi Rose said...

I love this post. Informative and entertaining: my favorite.

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