The upside to making $2, or Fun ways to be thrifty

So my time as a breadwinner is rapidly coming to a close, and the mister will have the household's sole income. But there's something kind of exciting and—dare I say it?—pioneerish about being fabulously unwealthy by choice in these United States.

Foraging for/making your own stylish clothes. Going to Goodwill and finding something awesome for approximately nothing? Yes, please. Reinventing an old button-down to make it look very a la mode J. Crew? I'm for it.

Eating better. I said it, and I meant it. Growing your own veggies and herbs, and making weekly meal plans that rely on purchased items with fewer than one bazillion fake ingredients, can definitely be cheaper and yield way healthier results. Rice and beans aren't expensive, yo.

Inspires the inner crafter/handywoman/carpenter/quilter. It's so much fun to find solid, vintage pieces of furniture on Craigslist and refinish them yourself. It's incredibly rewarding to fix something yourself. And making something from scratch is always a self-esteem booster. Plus it ups the inherent value of your stuff.

Having fun the old fashioned way. For free! Picnics, dancing around the living room, movie night on the couch, games, books, hiking, biking, going to the park. I mean, what's not fun about any of that?

So what are the silver linings to your financial clouds? Do tell!


Chrissy said...

I always remember: If it ain't broke don't fix it... If I have that urge to buy I ask myself if I truly need that item...and if I do intend to wear it, use it... if not- walk away...

The Naked Redhead said...

I love the challenge of getting creative with my own closet. I chuckle to myself when I get compliments on my style because I'm like, "Uh, I wear the same five things all the time." Great list, lady!

Kate said...

Definitely agree with the eating more healthy when you have to plan what you buy each week! xx

Elizabeth. said...

You might like to check out my blog, in which I tackle debt and wrestle it to the ground and beat the bejezus out of it.

Is it OK if I link to this post from my blog?


anythingreen said...

Love this! I'm with you on being poor and creative. Every Sunday my husband and I make tons of Ramen noodles (with our own special sauce!) and pig out. Oh, and we would shrivel up and die without our $9 Netflix.

Lara said...

When my bf and I decided to move in together, he had just lost his job so, we had to get a place we could both afford (or only I could afford if worse came to worse with his unemployment). It's a small but spacious place with little closet space. I had to seriously downsize and even got rid of 50 pairs of shoes! AHHH! Seeing all that foolish spending get donated to Goodwill and having a small place has helped me make more careful purchases.

We also haven't been able to go out on the town like we used to which means we barely drink at all anymore (such a good thing) and when we do go out it's a fun treat!

I'm waaay less wasteful and get creative with what's left in the pantry before we go grocery shopping.

We are insane deal hunters and really feel like we get the best bang for our buck. We searched high and low for kitchen chairs and finally found an awesome deal on killer chairs.

Yeah, downsizing and being more thoughtful definitely helps put your whole life into perspective and helps you appreciate the little things all over again!

Aury said...

This is soo true! Having to make do with a little really does inspire creativity. Today I walked into Goodwill and came out with several pieces that while in the store I could see potential in them. They are going to be apart of my first DIY ject. I can't wait!

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