The Airline Travel Packing List

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1. Toned down make-up routine
Try to go for the more natural look, especially with regards to eye make-up, because after long flights it tends to smudge horribly resulting in the infamous ‘raccoon’ look. Mineral foundation, lip gloss and/or lipstick and light eye-makeup (sans heavy eyeliner and dark eye-shadow) with light perfume seem like a safe bet.

2. Simple but sustainable hairstyle
Recycled air (commonly found in confined spaces such as planes and buses) can wreak havoc on anyone’s hair. It can make it go lifelessly limp or ridiculously frizzy under the right (or in this case oh-so-wrong) conditions. This is why I tend to opt for easier to manage styles that can be touched up in the bathroom upon arrival at your destination.

3. Wear flats
Honestly, it doesn’t even matter if you claim you were born wearing stilettos, when travelling please opt for stylish flats. I mean aside from the fact that it is really hard to run on the slippery airport floors in them, heels just don’t compare when looking for comfort and comfort is key when travelling. If you really can’t let go (and I understand), pack your heels into your carry-on luggage and change as soon as you’ve arrived.

4. Carry a large but styling tote
To put the stuff you need to be able to reach quickly.

5. Dress in loose fitting tops or dresses (like tunics) and cute leggings/tights or tailored pants. Avoid tight, body-con like outfits so as to encourage and freedom of movement.

6. Dress in natural fabrics like cotton, silk or cashmere because they are less likely to crease and therefore keep you looking fabulous even after an eight hour flight.

7. Don Audrey Hepburn-style dark sunglasses
It adds instant glamour to your outfit and hides dark circles and red eyes. Can’t ask for much more than that.

8. Simple but key accessories
Depending on where you’re going and how you’re getting there, a scarf, a cute sweater, and simple but fabulous jewellery may be in order.

9. Toiletry Kit
A hair brush or comb, travel-sized toothpaste and a toothbrush, travel-sized perfume, hand sanitizer, capsule make-up kit, moisturizer and lip gloss
What do you always pack?


Literary Crap said...

I require a minimum of two books--one must be classic and make me look smart for reading (I have this idea that airplanes are great places to do large amounts of boring reading) and the other book must be one I'll actually read (i.e. chick lit, best seller, endorsed by Oprah, recently made into a movie, anything available in airport gift shops)

Diana said...

This is a fantastic list! Dressing comfortably and stylishly is definitely important - a jersey dress with tights has become my go-to travel outfit.

Anonymous said...

perfect list

Little Ms Blogger said...

The above plus:

word seek books (to distract me from plane take offs)

Law Girl said...

I always pack/wear a black pashmina. It makes a great blanket or pillow on the plane plus it makes any outfit look chic!

Anonymous said...

I think dressing for relaxation is the way to go for being on a plane.

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la petite fashionista said...

great list! i have to agree with choosing clothes in more wrinkle resistant materials and definitelyyyyy wearing comfy flats!

Anonymous said...

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