Bad Habits

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We all have them, those habits we really should try to put right, but we either enjoy them too much or they're just too difficult to beat! These are my top 5:
  1. Caffeine - As a substitute for sleep, or just for fun, I love caffeine in it's many delicious forms! Energy drinks, good old fresh-brewed coffee, caffeinated sweets, I adore them all!
  2. Boredom-Eating - I think my brain must have difficulty differentiating between not having enough to do and not having enough to eat, because when I have time on my hands I snack compulsively!
  3. Nail-Biting - It's gross, it makes my nails look ugly and means my nailpolish always chips within a few hours of being applied, but I've done it since I was a small child and no amount of vile-tasting concoctions seem to stop me.
  4. Retail Therapy - If I'm stressed, I spend money, which in turn leads me to get stressed about my lack of funds... (eBay is particularly therapeutic)
  5. Letting my Roots Show - I love having freshly-dyed hair, but I hate dying it! Thus I can often go weeks with ridiculously long roots before I finally give in and spend 30 minutes with my head slathered in vile-smelling red gloop.

I have never smoked however, which I think makes up for it!

What are your bad habits?


Diana said...

I share every one of these bad habits except for showing my roots, since I don't dye my hair. I also have a bad habit of snacking while I'm cooking food, to the point where I'm not actually hungry for dinner once it's done.

The Naked Redhead said...

Caffeine, fo sho. Also, I'm usually pretty neat, but always leave stuff out ALL OVER my bathroom counter in the morning, which I'm sure sort of drives The Boyfriend batty.

Melanie's Randomness said...

Every single one of these are my bad habits, except the roots showing. I bite my cuticles too when I'm really nervous & I studder. I don't have a lypse or speech impediment but when Im nervous I can't seem to form a single word without sounding like a bubbling idiot. Go figure?!?!

rsparks said...

I bit my nails for years and my parents could never find anything that would stop me... Until I got braces. Then I physically couldn't bite them anymore. It was a $3000 solution to a very bad habit.

Literary Crap said...

I'm that crazy organize girl with the complex color coding system and minute-by-minute planner...but don't even ask me to pick up the crap off my desk. It isn't happening.
I also crack my knuckles (and sometimes my back...) constantly. Somehow, its always when its dead silent and completely inappropriate that I have the irresistible urge to crack!

Anonymous said...

Biting the skin on the sides of my fingers
Cracking my knuckles
Picking at scabs

That Kind Of Girl said...

Oh man, I love this. I have so many bad habits. Definitely nail-biting, knuckle-cracking (and shoulder-popping!), smoking, drinking too much (non-caffeinated) soda, talking to myself incessantly, narrating what I'm doing out loud -- wait, why do people hang out with me?!

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