Boys I Totally Crushed on for Years Even though They Were Unattainable (and Completely Wrong for Me)

Hey!  It's almost Valentine's Day!  Awesome!  So, when I was younger (um, ok, all the way up until I was 27), I used to fall hard to stupid boys that were emotionally unavailable and completely wrong for me.  That didn’t stop me from pining away for hours over the love I thought they should have given me (or the love I imagined they gave).  Here they are, in order of age:

J. M.—Even at the age of 5, he was a lady-killer.  Round, blonde, and full of mighty strength for pushing others down on the playground.  What a little rebel.

E. S.—Brown curly hair, puppy dog eyes, and the fastest boy in 2nd grade.  I loved him for years.

C. C.—This boy was the star of the high school basketball team, a total jerk, insecure, indecisive, liked me one minute, absolutely hated me the next…but who could resist those baby blues?

C. R.—My first “grown-up” crush on a MAN.  He was three years older than I and built like a brick sh*t-house.  He was chivalrous, kind, enjoyed my company, thought I was funny, then fell in love with someone else.  Probably the hottest guy I’ve ever hung out with…seriously, he was the kind of hot that other guys thought was hot.  Yum.

B. W.—Never try to date someone only a few weeks after a divorce.  He can be the nicest, awesomest guy in the world and YOU WILL FRIGHTEN HIM.  Just sayin’…

Is there someone you totally crushed on for years even though they were unattainable (or completely wrong for you)?

Posted by The Naked Redhead


Callie said...

I've always had a thing for the brooding, bookish, swarthy kind. The ones with brains so large their head shape has been affected by it. The type that uses their knowledge to make you feel like a dumbass. I had a hardcore crush on this exact boy in high school. Talk about unrequited, he knew I existed, he just didn't care. He was way too busy contemplating the meaning of God and re-editing Steven Hawking or Ayn Rand's novels.

rsparks said...

Haha - I laughed out loud at B.W. because I just got out of a post-divorce relationship with a guy. Yeah. He was usually shaking in his cowboy boots.

Erin said...

J.J. from first through fifth grades. Wonder what that guy's up to now...

Melanie's Randomness said...

There was a boy I liked when i was like 6 years old. He was always in the back of my head that maybe just maybe I'd see him again. Well i found him on facebook recently & found out that he's gay & has a boyfriend. Oops, i don't think my fantasy love will ever come true. Oh well...its okay. He's happy, that's all I could ever want!

niceguyted said...


There's no T.W. in that list. I qualify as unattainable because I'm in N.J.

Carleen said...

I was always the shy girl who admired the guy from a distance, or tried to become their best friend because I thought one day they would realize what they'd been missing all along and proclaim their undying love for me. I finally grew out of that delusion. :-)

B.G. Elementary School - Had a crush on him since the first day of class when he let me in front of him while standing in-line. I guess it was the whole gentleman act at 8yrs old that sold me. I actually helped him get together with his girlfriend. I'm a masochist like that.

J.M. Elementary School - Cutish kid ever, very boyish, button nose, bright eyes...but not very good with the boyfriend girlfriend communication thing. Definitely lacked the gentleman quality B.G. had. Then again, we were only 10. Had a secret crush on him for years after though.

C.C. High School - Son of my dad's boss. Jean Claude Van Dam look alike, great deep brown eyes. I didn't really notice him though until I found out that he almost asked me out on a date (according to my dad anyway). After that I went gaga over him but never mustered up the guts to ever talk to him.

J.J. High School - He was my tennis coach at the country club. He was much older then me, mid-twenties. English accent. You get the picture.

C.K. Adult - Sweet guy, film student, who was taken with my Norwegian heritage which made me feel special. But he had no real interest in me.

M.T. Adult- Talk about delusional. This one took me a long time to admit and when I finally did, I was extremely embarrassed that I would ever sink that low.

M.H. Adult- That would be my husband. Crushed on him the minute I heard him laugh. The rest is history.

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