Completely Random, Off-the-Wall List I Made Five Minutes Ago

We all know that the regular post-ers on SSoLA have a thing for lists besides the times that we post them on here (as do you, intrepid readers).  On that note,  I thought I'd give you an ACTUAL list I just made five minutes ago on a trusty Post-it:

1. Boric Acid
2. Distilled Water
3. H202
4. Acidophilus
5. Garlic

Here's another I made yesterday:

1.  Ceasars-Jerk it Out
2.  The Bravery-An Honest Mistake
3.  Ting Tings-Fruit Machine
4.  The Killers-Somebody Told Me
5.  Heloise and the Savoire Faire-Odyle
6.  The Verve-Bittersweet Symphony
7.  Franz Ferdinand-40

OK, here's what we'll do.  Mad props if you can guess why I made at least one of the lists.  BONUS mad props and a shout out to you if you can guess why I made both lists.  (BTW, these lists are completely and totally unrelated, so don't try to make any weird connections.  Though, honestly, that could be fun.)

SO...why was I making these lists?
UPDATE: OK!  Both lists have been guessed.  Mad props to both ally and K-Tee who guessed that the first list is a homeopathic remedy.  In fact, they are a few items listed as helpful for balancing vaginal pH.  HA!  Aren't you glad I posted this list for you all?  And that I was making a list like this in the first place?  YAY!

Mad props to Andrea for guessing the second list, which is indeed a workout playlist I'm considering putting together after I heard these songs on Pandora.

Mad props to all of you for playing! :)
Posted by The Naked Redhead


Anonymous said...

List 1 : shopping list for a pest killing recipe

List 2: Songs that you played so much you can't stand them now

I'm feeling lucky today...

The Naked Redhead said...

Close, but no cigar! :)

ally said...

Uhm, this might be a TMI guess, but the first list has a lot of ingredients for treating a vaginal bacterial infection..

Erin said...

Hmm...the second one: one of your playlists?

Amber said...

1. Recipie for a home made cleaning
2. Songs you want to get or ringtones you want to download?

I just discovered your blog via NTKOG- I make lists like crazy so this is like crack. Ooh, just thought of a list I need to make, products I should buy stock! I seriously wish that I had been the one to invent them...

That Kind of Girl said...

List 1: Not super delicious low-calorie coffee sweeteners.

List 2: Songs someone, somewhere, is singing during sex RIGHT NOW.

You can go ahead and send me my prize now.

The Naked Redhead said...

So far, one of you is dead on for List One, and no one has quite gotten list two. Keep going!

Cierra the naive 20 year old said...

tthe second one is that they are all about having sex with a partner or not lol

Margo said...

First one is a recipe to get rid of those pesky vampires (Twilight is over!), second one is the soundtrack you listen to while you celebrate your success...I know you said someone already got the first one, but I always like having options.

K-Tee said...

first list is for getting rid of various illness's (yeast infection, cold, laundry and rats)
second list is songs that make you want to rock out. seriously tho, its for a cd that you are making to send to the winner of guessing list one.

The Naked Redhead said...

K-Tee is the closest yet!

Andrea said...

#2, maybe a work-out mix.

Nina said...

#2, awesome indie songs to rock out to!

Kevin Jones ( said...

The first one is a homeopathic remedy for getting rid of tattoos, scars, scar tissue, and if you make it too strong, the rest of your skin!!

The second is songs you can sing that take your mind off the stinging and burning sensations you have because you tried the dumb homeopathic recipe above!!!

Shannon O | Confessions of a Loving Wife said...

I am a huge advocate of Acidophilus, I eat yogurt every day and take it in pill form

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