Late to the show...literally

In recent years prime-time TV has mostly fallen off my radar. But, as a true movie lover, I've found TV on dvd to be an excellent compromise. Unfortunately, that usually means it's too late to join the fan club. Here are the gems I've recently discovered:

Glee. Okay, so this one isn't exactly old news, but I didn't see a single episode until my mother-in-law showed me the finale to the season premiere on dvd. I had no idea that this show was a mashup of Second City and Broadway. Closeted and not-so-closeted nerds, sharp humor, mostly realistic teen angst, all set to music? Um, YES PLEASE.

Alias. This one is way old—I mean, who knew Bradley Cooper wasn't new to the game? Aside from me. Seriously...anyone? Also, Jennifer Garner as Sydney Bristow has reignited my hidden desire to be a kickboxing-spy-literature-professor.

Battlestar Galactica. Until a few months ago, I only knew this show as a punchline on The Office (it's Dwight Schrute's fave). But then my uncle-in-law loaned us the first season on dvd. I cannot stress enough how much I love this show. Great characters, great story, and outer space. Sign me up.

Deadwood. Like most HBO shows, I'd heard about it but never seen it. Then my bro- and sis-in-law gave us season one for Christmas. I love me some historical fiction. Disclaimer: This one is majorly vulgar and crude. If you can get past the f-bombs, there's some mighty fine writing and acting going on.

Freaks and Geeks. If only I'd known, I would have watched it and help boost the ratings to keep this stellar show on the air. A single season of pure greatness.

Help a sister out—what shows do you recommend?


The Naked Redhead said...

LOVE Alias, love it. I fell in love with Jennifer Garner on that show.

I'd recommend Felicity if you've never seen it (also a JJ Abrams show, like Alias!). It's an angsty college kid drama from the late 90's, early 00's, and Kerri Russell is so beautifully fantastic in the show. Also look for early appearances by Jennifer Garner, Scott Foley, Ian Gomez (Cougar Town) and Greg Grunberg (Heroes). But my favorite character is the gothy Meghan (Amanda Foreman). Sigh...looks like I need to Netflix this one again!

Leanne said...

Hah, I'm totally the same way, I basiclly never watch TV anymore. I have a couple of my favourite shows on DVD though, like Friends and Gossip Girl, but I haven't even finished watching them, and I've had the DVDs for awhile.
And sorry I can't really recommend any shows, due to my lack of watching television :P.

ally said...

My-So Called Life - one season on MTV starring a fifteen year old Claire Danes. Pure genius.

RMb said...

i agree with ally: my so called life is what 90s teen angst was all about. it's like a time capsule... for my soul (hehe).
good things still on tv include big bang theory & ugly betty (although ub is ending this season... bummer).
the more i watch (the first six seasons) of scrubs, the more i love it (seasons 7 & 8 are totally forgettable & we wont even mention season 9). :)

rsparks said...

LOST! There's still time to hop on board the train before the series finale in May.

heather said...

Arrested Development!!

And I totally second the My So-Called Life suggestion.

Kate @ Tres Lola said...

Torchwood & Doctor Who!!!

jen said...

Have you seen Pushing Daisies and/or Wonderfalls? They're mind-blowingly gorgeous, really funny and inspiring. Must. Must. Must.

Anonymous said...

I definitely second Pushing Daisies and Wonder Falls; Dead Like Me is also created by Bryan Fuller, he's kind of a Genius.

Also Psych, James Roday and Dule Hill, my favorite comedy team at the moment.

Raggedy Sarah said...

If you like Freaks & Geeks, check out Undeclared. Same creator, many of the same cast.

And anything by Joss Whedon. Firefly is a nice, short series (14 episodes). Buffy and Angel will consume you for a good six months.

Jen said...

I used to watch "Alias" but quickly lost interest. I've been thinking of getting the DVD's from Netflix to give it another try. How about "24" and "Sex and the City?" Those are both shows for which I was late to the party, but I love them now!

Anonymous said...

I second the Firefly rec! A friend of mine introduced the series to me last year and I fell in love with the characters.

Also, M*A*S*H. Old school Vietnam war antics with some really fantastic story lines and characters. This show caused me to fall in love with Alan Alda.

and a show still on: Big Bang Theory. 4 geeks and a pretty girl next door. The show is nerdtastic and full of LOL moments.

Esti said...

I'm going to second Doctor Who and Torchwood (watch the Doctor first), and maybe even the technically-a-kiddie-show Sarah Jane Adventures, which I just started watching and am totally enjoying. I wouldn't bother with anything earlier than the 2005-on revival of Doctor Who, though, unless you really fall in love. Even then, I'm head-over-heels and I still find most of the old stuff campy and boring (great for watching while knitting though).

Also seconding/thirding My So Called Life Buffy (not Angel, though), Arrested Development. Oh, and watch Mad Men. It gets slow sometimes but it's so damn gorgeous you hardly notice.

Katie Mae said...

I third Firefly (favorite show ever) and second Mad Men. Also, Defying Gravity aired this fall and got canceled - half a season of awesome twisty sci-fi drama.

Literary Crap said...

Love the list!
My list:
Glee, Freaks and Geeks, Dead Like Me, Arrested Development, and, lately, Doogie Howser.

And thus, I reveal myself to be a bigger nerd than previously thought.

Noelle de Novo said...

I started watching The Wire a month ago. MCNULTY MCNULTY MCNULTY MCNULTY. He's all I can think about, and I have no one to discuss it with. :grumble:

dee said...

I'm almost always late to the party when it comes to awesome tv too. I agree with the two that said Firefly - which I hadn't even heard of until long after it was canceled. Dark Angel was another one - It ended in 2002 and I'd never even heard of it until last year. Both excellent shows.

Amber said...

I third Pushing Daisies, and Glee is FANTASTIC.

I would highly recommend Castle- starring Nathan Fillion from Firefly. He is so dang awesome.

awesome said...

I adore Alias...and if you like the Office, I think you'd like Chuck. Imagine if Jim Halpert were Sydney Bristow, and you get the picture.

The West Wing is also great for a million reasons.

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