Puppy qualities that almost make up for stepping in dog doo

Because I recently went off my rocker, we just became the proud adoptive parents of a six-week-old Corgi-beagle mix we've named Bonnie. (That's Bonnie with my kid, Ethan, in the pic). Who could say no to that face? I mean Bonnie's, of course.To reassure myself (or perhaps reinforce my delusions), I've decided to list the wonderful qualities of Puppyhood that make up for the...well, the poop.

Snuggles. At this age, Bonnie's energy comes in 20 to 30 minute bursts. I let her run around the yard with our older dog, Cody, and the two-year-old boy. They wear each other out, which means I get loads of snuggles all round.

Flopsiness/Romping.The ears, the tail, the unintentional somersaults.

Paws, Too Big for Body. Never before have cankles been so cute.

Puppy smell. Okay, this one is conditional. She smelled great until she ran under Cody the Dog's pee stream in the yard the other day. Which reminds me, I need puppy shampoo.

Are you all for the pups? Or maybe you're smitten with kittens?

Posted by Erin of The Fierce Beagle


Melanie's Randomness said...

aww I love the puppy moments that are too cute for words. But I don't own one so I guess I cheat & only get the good moments with my friend's pets. lol.

Chrissy said...

How about that sad look they give u after u have admonished them and then they make it worse by whimpering and giving you kisses? I remember both dogs that I have had doing that! lol they must know its a sure way to break ya...

Mandi said...

Puppies! I LOVE (and I might be totally alone here) puppy breath! Something about it is just warm and comforting. I also love when puppies go crazy and run back and forth as many times as possible until eventually they crash into a little furry puddle.

beautifully damned said...

oh what a cute dog!!
i want a puppy so bad - shame you can't have them at uni!



Join the Gossip said...

AWWWW they are both adorable! Thanks for visiting my blog =)

Anonymous said...

When my guy is so excited while playing fetch that he runs into every. single. thing. in. sight. (doors, walls, couches, toys, you name it!)

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