Lessons I Never Quite Learn

I thought that one of the perks of being thirty would be that, at the very least, I'd have "arrived."  Nope!  Turns out that I still have a few things I haven't quite mastered yet (and I wonder if I ever will!).  Here goes:

1.  Unless someone is offering kind, constructive criticism that genuinely seeks to help you improve, random opinions about you/your person/your style/your dreams DO NOT MATTER.  Seriously, let's all participate in a giant group EFF YOU to those who feel the need to put you down or otherwise try to destroy your happiness.  Sheesh, though, if I still don't feel like a kid in high school sometimes.  Blerg.

2.  Sometimes silence is an appropriate (and the best!) response.  I often have a hard time keeping my mouth shut, but sometimes it really is better not to say anything at all.  Just STFU.  I've found that you can often seem more wise and put together if you can just let it go (whatever "it" is).  (I can rarely ever let it go, and then there I am, looking like an idiot and needing to talk even more just to redeem myself!)

3.  Don't go to the grocery store hungry.  Um, yeah.  Cookies are yummy, especially when you're starving.

What about you?  Do you ever feel like there's something you just can't "get"?
Posted by The Naked Redhead


That Kind Of Girl said...

Yes, I know you want to preserve oven heat in case the food has to go back in for a few minutes, but, dude, TKOG, you really need to open the oven door all the way, or else you'll reach down at a weird angle, scrape you whole forearm against the oven rack and SINGE OFF ALL OF YO' DANG ARM HAIR.

Seriously, I'm like Burn Victim Centrale over here.

On a less burnt-fleshy note: Don't get upset by other people's delusions of grandeur. Whether someone values himself too highly has nothing to do with me. It's hard not to get irritated and want to smack them down a level, but what good would that do?

The Madien Metallurgist said...

Last night I went to the store at 8 pm, starving. I bought meat, veg, sweet potatoes... and chocolate cake! I never buy commercial sweets! I should know better too.

Zoya said...

Nice to know that you can never know everything

rsparks said...

This is definitely one of my favorite posts on this site. I need to make #1 my mantra!

~HM~ said...

Baked potatoes. Starting a fire (in the fireplace). Setting up DVD players, Wii's and anything else that plugs into a TV. Oh! Fry an egg! Which is a pity cause I love fried eggs.

#1Nana said...

Hey, if you master the second oner (STFU) by 40, you'll still be 20 years ahead of me!


Anonymous said...

I never learn that it only takes me 15 minutes to walk to work. There's no reason for me to leave home half an hour before my shift. All I end up doing is sitting around, waiting, and feeling like a dork for being early.

heather said...

Especially important now that I'm not as able to bounce back as I was when I was a student....


Pick a poison and stick. I always regret the nights where I think I'll be fine just drinking some beer but then my best friend convinces me that a shot of tequila would be fun. IT NEVER FEELS THAT WAY THE NEXT MORNING. Sigh.

Norwegianette said...

If a guy isn't very nice to you, he's probably not going to be very nice to you in the future either. Doesn't matter if he's genuinely mean (mean streaks very rarely change, in my experience) or if he's trying to "neg" you to play it cool (if he doesn't care enough not to hurt you in order to try to make you want him to like you more, that's probably not something you want to get too invested in). If he doesn't care about your feelings and want you to feel good now, it's odds on he never will.

Why can I never take my own advice on this? I'm smart, I'm confident and it's not like the only people who will touch me with a 6 ft pole are mean, so why can I not just STOP CARING about what those two guys in my life who are constantly devaluing me, making me feel like crap and treating me with no concern whatsoever think?

Speaking of which, one of them just sent me an e-mail telling me I wear too much makeup. I'm gonna go try to learn lesson #1 plus my own lesson now. I *like* playing with makeup, thankyouverymuch.

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