Reasons I Really Couldn't Be Any More Thrilled To Live Alone

Last year, The Ex and I rented a breathtaking jewel of a house with a few of his friends -- all clever guys living on Silicon Valley salaries. The benefits? I was the mistress of a renovated 1920s mansion, all on a non-profit salary. The drawbacks? My mansion-mates left a few things to be desired. Like empty sinks and non-moldy recycling bins. A few more reasons living alone in a shoebox is the best of all worlds:

Wearing nothing but yellow dishwashing gloves. Oh don't give me that -- you do it too. Although you probably remember to close your blinds first. Whoops.

Finally pursuing your career as a Queen cover band. I'm burning through the skiiiiiiiiiiiies YEAH! Two hundred degrees, that's why they call me Mr. FahrenHEEEEIIIIIIT!

You can leave the light on when you have nightmares. What?! Sometimes the pre-credits sequences of House are really, really scary!

Nobody judges you for making sad single-girl dinners. I like cooking and I like food, but you know what I really like? Checking my Google Reader and watching three episodes of 30 Rock while nobody laughs at me for eating mashed black beans on toast for the fourth night in a row.

Witty repartee with the person you love the most. Talking to yourself -- non-stop! -- is fine. It's when you start having inside jokes with yourself that it might be time to start getting out more.

But, uh, having inside jokes with your Roomba is TOTALLY OKAY. Do you guys love living alone, or do you go crazy without someone to share your space with? Tell ex-roommate horror stories in the comments section!

Posted by TKOG from Not That Kind Of Girl


Hannah said...

Queen <3

Alison said...

Oh, how I love when my roommates simultaneously go out of town! I love doing all of these things!

maya said...

I adore living alone. Ive lived alone for most of the 7 years since I moved out of my parent's place.

I do a lot of fiddly crafts and projects and it's great knowing everything will always be exactly where you left it.

Anonymous said...

I am totally having mashed black beans on toast. Steal!

Hannah said...

i dont post much (or at all) but for this one I couldnt hold back. i hold the mecca of all horrible roommate stories-for all four roommates that i've had! luckily, i live alone now and i could NOT be happier!
Roommate 1-had a fat boyfriend who NEVER left our dorm. they would leave their smelly, unwashed clothes and take-out dinners all over the place-especially on MY futon that i had to trash after freshmen year
Roommate 2-and I got in a argument ONCE and she cried and called mom and moved out and transferred to a school back home. Talk about your overexaggeration!
Roommate 3-showered once a week to save the environment!
Roommate 4-well, i could write a novel on the wrong-doings of this one. lets jsut leave it at that.

my favorite live alone activity though, is leaving my stuff all over the place. I am a clean person (germ-wise) but not a neat person!

Callie said...

Seemed apt. I LOVE living alone.

That Kind Of Girl said...

@Hannah: Holy frig! I can't even imagine roommates so grody they force you to dispose of furniture! Ugggggghh.

My worst-ever roommate was in college, but she was really more of a harmless hippie than anything. I used to frequently walk in on her laying naked on our communal sofa, eating my other roommate's Nutella out of the container. With her bare hands.

She also once hotboxed OUR ENTIRE BEDROOM (which was, admittedly, tiny) while I was sleeping, which resulted in me having to take a final exam while contact-stoned off my ass. And I never smoke pot. Her excuse? "You looked so comfortable. I didn't want to wake you up."

Jen said...

I kinda have the best of both worlds. I live with my boyfriend, but he travels and works late rather frequently, leaving me to "single-girl dinner dates," witty one-sided conversations with the dog and ultimate dance fests throughout the house! I love it!

Sandy said...

i love living alone in my two room efficiency so much that i make my long-term bf maintain his own two room efficiency less than a mile away. we are so much healthier/happier than couples that live together. i can identify w/ a combination of nos. one and two on your list: midnight at my abode has more than once found me creeping around with nothing but a bath towel on and a kitchen knife in hand to ward off all the invaders who broke in during my late-night shower. also, plain black beans, or do you spice them up with something?

Marie said...

I am living alone for the first time and I have really enjoyed it. I frequently do single-girls dinners (hummus, pistachios and Bud Light Lime anyone?) and love that i can watch random movies, starting in the middle, and nobody complains.

Maureen said...

Yes I LOVE living alone. I'm getting married soon and even though I'm way super excited about that, I'm also a little bit like... you mean I can't throw my clothes anywhere I feel like? You mean I shouldn't let food sit so long in my fridge that it goes bad because no one else is here to notice? (um, only me?)
So yeah, living alone has been one of the best decisions I have made in the last few years. It's been awesome.

The Naked Redhead said...

I don't live alone and yet I do most of those things. Hellloooo, PBJ for nearly every meal, or scarfing entire packages of mac and cheese by myself. Also, I talk A LOT to my animals, like, constantly. It's pretty bad.

Anonymous said...

Living alone....the joys!
And the naked thing....totally hard to get over that habit! Male roomie saw me naked a few too many times and likes to tell people when we are out for drinks. Doesn't everyone feed the dog naked?

That Kind Of Girl said...

@Sandy: Black beans with cumin and a wedge or two of Laughing Cow lite garlic & herb cheese. They mash really well and get divinely creamy. If I'm feeling like an overachiever, I'll saute a finely diced onion in the pan first!

Denise said...

I have found with all of my roommate, both past and present, that there comes a point when you just can't live together anymore. This is where I am at with my current (soon to be former) roommate.

It seems as if everything she does grates on my nerves. However, after some thought I have finally narrowed down what annoying trait I hate the most.

For some unknown reason my roommate feels the need to call me and tell me what she is doing, at all hours of the day and night.

"I'm eating lunch."
"I'm almost home from work."
"I think I'm going to take a bath."
"I'm buying green shoes."

Everyday! I have gotten to the point where I no longer answer her phone calls...although this hasn't stopped her from leaving long voice messages detailing her every move.

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