Stuff That Makes Me Feel Better When I'm Grumpy

Let's get started, shall we?

1.  Carbs...really, really starchy ones--Really, is there anything more soothing for a grumptastic mood than a big, steaming bowl of mac and cheese?  Or creamy pasta?  No, I think not.
2.  A massage--The Boyfriend is good at these, but sometimes, I'll throw in the cash to let a professional at this stupid neck of mine.  How can you be grumpy when someone is literally smoothing your stress away?  That's right...YOU CAN'T.
3.  Cleaning--Yeah, I'm one of THOSE weird ones.  A picked up, clean-smelling space always does wonders for my mood.  Like, I feel like if I can eat off my super-spotless toilet seat, maybe not all is wrong with the world.
4.  Finishing a long over-due project--I was supposed to file those bills months ago, and I sure don't want to do it NOW when I hate the world, but somehow, getting a little project like that done makes me think that maybe I don't hate the world so much after all.
5.  A nap--I posted on Twitter the other day that men think about sex every seven seconds, but I think about naps.  And it's (mostly) true!  I'm a girl that needs her sleep, so even just a little twenty minuter can do wonders for my mood.

What about you?  How do you get over a grumpy mood?
Posted by The Naked Redhead


Kyla Roma said...

I love #5 - I'm a big nap-advocate, sometimes its all you need!

And when it's not, espresso and puppy cuddles is a good back up plan =)

Mila said...

Doing something kind for another...
Listening to my favorite tunes

maya said...

1. A Nap
2. Chocolate Milk
3. Pink Milk
4. A Cat Cuddle Puddle (forcing both cats to snuggle with me...its like rodeo cos they only let me do it for 8 seconds max)
5. Watching Postman Pat

Mandi said...

I think we are soulmates. ALL of those things make me feel amazing! Especially cleaning. (I'm one of THOSE, too.)

Aury said...

PEanut Butter Sandwiches and peanut butter in between sugar cookies sandwiches. sooo bad but oh so good for my mood.

Anonymous said...

I like (need) to be left alone at home on my couch, in silence, with a book and a steaming cup of Chai tea. And have my cat beside me. It helps if if there's a huge storm (rain is good, thunder is better, snow is the best), brewing outside. All of a suddent, I find peace.

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