How to Work out an Idea Like a Virgo

Yup, that's right, I'm a Virgo.  I love lists, cleanliness and being right (which also includes helping others be "not wrong").  I'm in the process of making some pretty big decisions for my life, and of course that means I worry the issue like a dog with a bone.  Here's my (crazy, neurotic) process:

1.  Get an idea.
2.  Think about idea all the time.  Make pros and cons list.  Organize a drawer or edit your friend's resume to relax after long day of thinking of idea and list making.
3.  Begin researching idea, including any and all related side ideas, caveats and possible scenarios.  Clean bathroom.
4.  Once thorough knowledge has been gained about idea and side ideas, formulate a back-up plan.  Possibly make spreadsheet to begin categorizing all ideas and back-up plans.
5.  Research back-up plan, make pros and cons list.  Correct a stranger's grammar.
6.  Talk idea over in depth with trusted confidant.  Since you're both Virgo's, discuss sorry state of crooked pictures on wall.
7.  Talk idea over in depth with partner.  Try to remember that he is not a Virgo and is likely somewhat frightened of the giant thesis (complete with Works Cited page) you just handed him.
8.  Write about idea in journal, remember yet another side idea, caveat and possible scenario.  Take break to go to chiropractor to address stress-related headaches.
9.  Lather, rinse, repeat until comfortable with Plan A for Making Idea a Reality.
10.  And last, but not least, work, work, work to make idea happen.

Yay for Virgos!  We're a crazy bunch.  How do you work out ideas?
Posted by The Naked Redhead


Melanie's Randomness said...

Oh I go over it & over it & Over it until I'm blue in the face. Eventually I'll write it down & tell people about it!! I'm a Leo so I got some crazy ideas too!!

Mila said...

I am a Virgo and I SO relate!!!

Alison said...

I'm a Virgo trapped in a Scorpio's body!

Anonymous said...

I'm married to a Virgo and my sister is a Virgo - seems that my life revolves around all the issues/problems they create for themselves. I'm a Capricorn and keep them all grounded. Find yourself a Cappy and you'll be happy for life :) (hey, that kinda rhymes)

Biezel said...

I am a capricorn so I definitely relate! I love the coping mechanisms you use to relax, they are the same ones I use. I can't tell you how clean my bathroom is right now or how organized all my drawers are. I know its bad when I even organize my underwear drawer! Basically I love it.

Anonymous said...

I'm actually a Libra, but after reading this, which more or less also hits the nail on the head for me, I did a little research and found out I was born on the Virgo/Libra cusp. I feel like a double dose of organizationally anal tendencies and list mania have struck xDD No wonder :D

maya said...

Im a pisces. Ill get the idea...go to google images to find pictures to make a mood board...all very visual...colours MUST co-ordinate...get side tracked...find a new blog, read that for an jumps up on with curks up to sleep..reminding me how good a nap would be....

...when i wake up i may or may not still be interested by the initial idea...most often not...but if i am...ill go to my magazines and look for more visual inspiration...get side tracked by pretty pictures...leave all the magazines in a huge mess in a circle around where i was sitting...

..go to find cardboard for modboar...dig through mounds of mess...disrupting finely tunes ecosystem of mess...ergo...creating more mess...get fed up and go out into the world outside my flat where its clutter buy pink milk!


Anonymous said...

Dear lord. I am soooo glad I'm an aries.

inkgrrl said...

I'm a Gemini and I totally do this except quite often the last step because by then I'm exhausted and bored with the subject. Clearly I need a Gemini-approved shortcut to get to done.

The Naked Redhead said...

Hahaha, Maya. I was married to a Pisces, and what you said is SOOOO true! He'd do the same things. :)

KittenMittens said...

Being a Virgo girlie I love my lists but I'm also a mega procrastinator so the planning gets done last minute and by then I'm freaking out.
But once I get on that task, it is so owned, it won't even know it!

Mitzy said...

.....or do it like an Aries.

Get an idea.

Talk about it incessantly for two days.

Jump in and start it.

Work on it for three weeks obsessively.

Quit and move on to something else.

Just sayin'!

Natalie said...

I think I'm a Virgo in an Aquarius' disguise.

Douchegirl said...

I'm a Pisces and Maya i absolutely right.

maya said...

Just re-read my post.
SO many spelling mistakes! argh!

*face palm*


Herself said...


I'm a Virgo masquerading as an Aquarian.


stephanie said...

i'm an aquarius...but i do SO many of the things listed above. seriously. maybe i was meant to be a virgo...

naomi said...

What Stephanie said. Case in point, unless you happen to also belong to someone named Virgo, list item number six has an extraneous apostrophe.


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