Words I like because inside I'm still 12

I once met a really cool girl who for more than a decade kept a notebook full of words she loved. There were some beauts in there, and it got me feeling like a real underachiever. Listing some of my favorite words hasn't helped me feel any more sophisticated, and you'll see why. However, I find all of them very useful.

Sneeze. I have a decade-long pen pal and we'd often use the interjection (sneeze) after a sarcastic remark in lieu of (cough). Because "sneeze" is way better written.

Butt head. I first heard this insult on The Wonder Years, and instantly fell in love. I've mostly graduated to the more mature "buttmunch," but still find a well-placed "butt head" works wonders.

Dingus. Another word for whatchamacallit, also useful as a slightly dirty sounding replacement for "idiot."

Farty-toot. Okay, so this is not a real word, but my brother at the age of three called me this because it was the worst sounding name he could come up with. It's still in use within the family.

So, any immature words you'd like to work into conversation more often?

Posted by Erin of The Fierce Beagle


Melanie's Randomness said...

Booger! I still use that word!

Marie said...

I use toot, poo, and potty frequently.

Los Schoenys said...

Buttle: My family's classed up version of butt hole. Doesn't sound as harsh calling someone a buttle rather than a butt hole!

Chrissy said...

how about 'nim rod'? I thought I had made it up but there is such a word... the meaning for me is 'jerk, dumb sh*t'...

Pixie Dust said...

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kahlia said...

haha, your "farty-toot" reminded me of my cousin (at the age of three) calling his big sister "yucky medicine!" because it was the worst thing he think of in the world!

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