Things I do on Friday night now that I'm Old

 Me and one of my high school pals pranking a friend's car way back in...let's just say it was in the 90s.

When I was a teenager and in my early 20s, I had loads o' good clean fun with my friends on the weekends: Hide & Seek in the Dark (which was broken up by the cops), mosquito patrols in nearby trendy downtown areas, game nights, going to the movies, concerts, out to dinner, staying out to 3 a.m. doing various other shenanigans. Now, though, I find my Friday nights are a lot more...elderly. Here's a sampling of my recent Friday night capers:

Rearrange furniture. Thrilling.

Clean. Because I know I'll be able to relax the rest of the weekend when the casa is in good order.

Watch TV on DVD. Tonight's feature: Battlestar Galactica, FTW!

Drink a homemade cocktail on my couch. To unwind rather than to cut loose.

Snuggle. With the mister, the baby, and the puppies. Maybe not sexy, but definitely nice.

Write/read blog posts. Catching up before the weekend. Blogging is awesome, but blogging on Friday night is borderline lame.

I could use some ideas to mix things up. So what're you up to on Friday nights?

Posted by Erin of The Fierce Beagle


Anonymous said...

I do the exact same thing- but I'm 14, so how sad is that?

Oh wait, sometimes I READ BOOKS.

Katie said...

I'm in the same boat with you and Luinae. With very few exceptions, Friday night = cleaning, cuddling, movies, reading blogs or books, and/or homemade cocktail (about to try some spearmint-infused rum... we'll see how that worked!). And usually in bed by 11. It's nice to unwind from the weak though, and I like getting up relatively early on Saturday to make the most of the weekend.

#1Nana said...

Let's see...trim your toenails?

KittenMittens said...

I've been home since 2:30 so I ran out of stuff to do. Well, I'm sure there's stuff, but stuff I want to do, that's different.

The Peach said...

I have no good ideas for you...I do the same thing on Friday night! Our Friday night entertainment consists of pizza and TV, then to bed early. Life sure does change as you age!

Josie said...

Friday night is usually movie night for us too! I like being up around 8:30 or 9 on Saturdays (a major sleep in!) or else I feel like I wasted so much time!
Occassionally on Friday nights we mix it up with a few board games or cards or dominoes with another couple we hang out with. (Seriously, dominoes are the best thing ever. Double 12 mexican train? yes please!)

Wicked Shawn said...

The way I see it, if this is what we are all doing, clearly it is the cool thing to do. I pity those poor throwbacks who are out chasing down fun like maniacs when they could be living our lives. ;)

That Kind of Girl said...

These are awesome pursuits! My only addition to the list: a bubble bath (I thank the heavens every day for granting me an apartment with a clawfoot tub) and a few inches of PG Wodehouse, Lorrie Moore, or whoever else I'm currently literary-lusting over. And, hey, I'm 23 and live in a vibrant city, so this is the bloom of friggin' youth telling you: you're doing. it. right.

kahlia said...

If you have a tub, I would definitely recommend bathtime (solo or shared) be added to the list of Friday night activities! And as another city apartment-dweller, I'm jealous of TKOG's tub!

Partner and I like to take slow walks around the neighbourhood on weekend evenings, enjoying the city lights and marvelling at how silly/crazy/etc. all the young(er than us), energetic people beginning their nights out are.
We have frequently justified staying in all weekend as compensation for the fact that we'd been out of the house at least once each day of the week (we're freelancers and homebodies, so that's a big deal) and had seen friends other days.
We also like to try new restaurants, wine bars, or gelaterias. But not the oh-so-trendy ones, because those require a lot more effort appearance-wise.

Obviously some of these would be complicated by having to find a babysitter, but maybe if you do them in the afternoon/evening you can then go home and, feeling accomplished, resume the usual pizza and DVD routine.

Los Schoenys said...

Sadly, we go to Ikea to look for new furniture for the baby's room. But if my husband's lucky, I usually end the night by letting him touch my boob...over my shirt of course.

Erin said...

You guys are amazing-slash-hilarious.

ms.ashley said...

Head over to my mum's house to hang out with everyone till 1 am then head home and snuggle with the hubbs.
or go to bed early, so we can get up early and enjoy our saterday.

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