Cute Little Things I Want to Put in My Pocket (but probably shouldn't)


Chipmunks--Aren't chipmunks the cutest ever?  I want to keep one in my pocket all the time.  Somehow, I think it'd be frowned upon at work.

Puffer fish (the unpuffed version)--Look at its wee, happy face!  Wouldn't you like to live in my pocket, little guy?  What's that, you need water to live?  Selfish little bastard.

Cupcakes--Just look!  Look at them!  Wouldn't you love to be walking around the office at Halloween, and then, while you're gossiping about the latest episode of Glee, just nonchalantly pull one out and start munching?  Wouldn't you?  Sigh.  I would.

A Tiny Unicorn--Well, not only are they mythical, they have a stupid pointy horn that would probably jab you near your naughty bits.  But ADORABLE.  And it could grant you wishes throughout the day!

Daniel Radcliffe--Awww...isn't he adorbs?  Except I feel kinda dirty saying that since I remember when he was only 11...

What would you like to put in your pocket (but probably shouldn't)?

Posted by The Naked Redhead


Alison said...

A tiny unicorn would be amazing. Or a tiny goldfish-sized manatee. Or an un-puffy puffer fish. Or a non-stinging baby jellyfish.

Okay, I just like the idea of having teeny animals to carry around.

The Naked Redhead said...

Augh! Me too! Can I just tell you HOW BADLY I want a tea cup pig???

Strawberry Templetons said...

I'll admit, whenever I see cute, short old people, I want to put them in my pocket. They're so little! I think they'd fit...or not.

Sada said...

My pocket wants a hedgehog! Terrible idea.

Kalei's Best Friend said...

aren't those puffer fish have a stinger on them?
ditto on the Radcliffe one! lol

Cassie said...


In fact, I just bought a necklace with a thimble pendant so she can ride in it when she wants to get some air.

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