Things that make me feel strangely powerful

I wouldn't call myself the most assertive person in the world. I'll engage in a confrontation, but only when pushed to the limit. There are a few things, though, that make me feel like I am a woman to be reckoned with.

Mowing the lawn. The lawnmower is the closest thing to a deadly weapon I'm willing to operate. The fact that I know how to maintain it, and that I get sweaty while Dominating the Lawn with it, makes me feel strong and capable.

Shopping by myself. So I'm not exactly Calamity Jane. But there's just something empowering about going out on my own as an informed consumer. Also, buying stuff is fun.

Solo airline travel. Bonus points for wearing a cute but practical outfit and maintaining a cool demeanor.

What makes you feel powerful?

Posted by Erin of The Fierce Beagle


Alison said...

High heels make me feel powerful. I'm 5'10" bare foot, so high heels make me taller than most of the men folk. I like when they have to look up to me.

DT said...

never done mowing the lawn, but i totally agree in case of other two!! also, when i sometimes go alone to a cafe or restaurant that also makes me feel empowered!

stephanie said...

um, honestly? shooting guns. :)

Herself said...

YOU ARE SO RIGHT. Solo airline travel makes me feel like I own the universe. Don't quite know why. But it's such a great feeling.

Anonymous said...

Remodeling the house. Fixing, refinishing stuff. Changing my environment makes me feel powerful.

Anonymous said...

I love solo travel. Lawn mowing makes me feel powerful. I love VIP meetings. I get a rush. Squats at the gym make me feel like Heman. :)

Kaci Johanna said...

There's something about being the first one to the office, unlocking that big building that holds so much important information and being the only. one. there. ... gives me a rush.

Laura said...

Being able to keep up with others at the gym. Eating at a restaurant by myself - and ordering confidently. Running my own business... that was the ultimate move I've made to take control of my own life and career and it's a powerful feeling!

H said...

Solo airline travel for sure, and while there's something really great about meeting someone on the other end, I recently traveled around Hawaii by myself as an add-on to a work trip, which was pretty empowering-I like knowing that I'm capable of (mostly) keeping my act together under slightly stressful situations.

Also, high heels as a 5'9" lady, and even more so when I bike my commute in them.

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