Ways the universe messes with me

While I wouldn't call myself superstitious, I'm half Irish. Which means I'm superstitious. Forthwith are ways in which I believe the universe messes with me on a regular basis.

Faulty electronics. Back before I got married and changed my name, I was party to The Townsley Curse, which involved the frequent breaking of telephones and televisions. Luckily that's hasn't carried over. My parents, however, still fall victim. In fact, their months-old TV had to be repaired just last week.

Hurting myself when I'm specifically trying not to hurt myself. I found an old brooch on the floor today (my 2-year-old found it in a jewelry box), and I stooped to pick it up for fear he'd stab himself. I promptly stabbed myself under the fingernail, torture-style.

That time I had two major car accidents in two different cars on the same day. So that only happened once, but that was a major clusterF--- courtesy of the universe that I will never forgive the universe for.

Inappropriate seasonal feelings. Ever feel Christmasey in late July? How about a hankering for the beach in December? Happens to me every year.

How does the universe screw with you?

Posted by Erin of The Fierce Beagle


Anonymous said...

I ALWAYS feel christmas-y in July!

Anonymous said...

I believe the universe only gives me as much as I can handle. But lately it's been filling my life to capacity.

Dad's unemployed for two years because of housing bust? Check. Providing for a family of four, on $1400 a month, while still going to school? Check. Two cancelled vacations? Check. Car breaking down at 2am in drivethru line? Check. Half of bf's family living at his small apartment until they can fly home to Europe? Check. Suddenly taking on coworker's responsibilities, on top of my own? Check.

I swear the universe is laughing at me.

Anonymous said...

Sounds to me like you need to move to Australia...we regularly do a christmas in july thing (an attempt to get a white/winter/european christmas feel) and december is our prime beach time.

Edlund said...

hahah I love that picture of the cat on the keyboard. Priceless. LMAO

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