Things That Everyone WANTS to do but are Still Generally Frowned Upon in the Workplace

You know, you'd think that if there were things that most people WANTED to do, then said things would become socially acceptable.  Alas, this is not the case.  Consider:

Naps under your desk--Everyone has contemplated grabbing a quick nap under his or her desk on a long, tiring workday.  So why is it such a big deal if you ARE taking a nap under your desk and your boss finds out?  Hm?

Sick days for hangovers--Again, you'd probably get in big trouble if you missed some project because you had unwisely spent the Tuesday night before downing tacos and Tequila for a friend's birthday party.  Lame.

Leaving early (or not showing up at all) when the weather is beautiful--We have SNOW days for excessive snow (at least here in the Midwest), why not have SUN days?  Makes sense to me.

Yelling really loud and screaming swear words when you hurt yourself in public--OW!  CRAP! @#$*@! Excuse me, I just stubbed my toe.  Fortunately, I was in the privacy of my own home and no one minded that I just took your mother's name in vain.  But if I happened to be out in public and stubbed my toe, I would be expected to just go pale, bite my lip and bow my head as though praying a long, painful prayer.  This method is not NEARLY as effective in eradicating one's pain, but we're expected to swallow those F-bombs, nonetheless.

What else?

Posted by The Naked Redhead


That Kind Of Girl said...

I'll admit, pretty much the only time I curse at work is when I injure myself. What can I say? I'm a magnet for freak injuries, and somehow, when you manage to pierce a heavy-duty stapler all the way through your finger, a simple, "GOSH!" doesn't suffice.

Shelley Malone said...

I just wish I didn't have to wear pants ALL the time, you know?

middleagedrunner said...
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The Naked Redhead said...

@Shelley--SO TRUE.

Amie said...

yeahhhh, i've done the first three. it helped that i was the only person working in my office for a few months (budget cuts) though. not sure i could have got away with the nap otherwise. but "meetings with potential buyers" was a great excuse on sun-days. and there were definitely a few sick-days that were actually i-drank-too-much-so-its-totally-my-own-fault-that-im-sick-days.

i miss that job...

kirsten anneke said...

eesh...I've done the first one...a few times, actually - and the *last* time I did it, I woke up to my boss' voice from the cube across the aisle...I freaked out...and then resigned myself to the fact that she'd for SURE seen me...I crawled out unceremoniously, pushing my chair out loudly and such...she didn't turn I walked to the break room to get some coffee, and when I walked back she greeted me and asked if I'd gone to lunch somewhere because she hadn't seen me in an hour.... win?

magnolia said...

i've definitely taken a "sun day" or two over the course of my professional life. i think it makes me a better worker when i'm not stretched tight like a rubber band every five seconds. :)

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