Moments That Make This Lady-Dude Feel Pretty Friggin' Feminine

I'm not saying I'm as unsexed as Lady Macbeth, but somewhere between my proclivity for men's shoes and obsession with all things Bond (comma James Bond, baby), I'm not exactly the pretty-princess type. Still, there are few feelings quite as lovely as -- every once in a while, between Godfather marathons -- feeling divinely feminine. Some of my favorite girly-girl moments:

Getting dressed for a social occasion: Cheesy as it sounds, before going out, I like to blast a little Peggy Lee (a la the inimitable Cher in "Mermaids") and sing along while watching my face blossom in cinematic slow motion to something just a little fantastic. Though, girliness aside, if you make fun of this, I will punch you.

Settling in over a bottle of beaujolais for a multi-hour cozy chat with my best friend: Sure, we're so close we could just save our vocal chords and read each other's minds, but where's the fun in that?! I am woman, hear me giggle.

Making a guy carry something for me: Dudes, I don't even try to lift my carry-on into the overhead bins anymore. What's the point, when a kittenish little cough will force some gallant gent to spring up and do the dirty work for you? Being a woman means you can do everything yourself -- not that you have to.

Cleaning in an apron: Admittedly, I only do this because my hostess apron has convenient iPod-holding pockets, but every time I look at myself while cleaning the bathroom mirror, I feel a little flush of Mad Men.

Doing fifteen tasks at once, nerves frazzled within an inch of my life, yet still beaming a grin so sweet it'll give you diabetes: Seriously, ladies. Y'all have friggin' superpowers.

What daily moments leave you feeling glamorous, empowered, sultry, or otherwise beguilingly feminine?

Posted by TKOG of Not That Kind Of Girl.


nikki said...

Heh. When my husband and I were planning our wedding, he wanted something crazy casual, and I was like "what about my puffy white dress and the professional hair and makeup and fingernails?" He was shocked, because I never wear skirts, I rarely wear makeup and, except for my wedding, have never had my makeup and nails professionally done. I just wanted to feel girly on that one little day.

In a weird way, taking my kid to the park in sweatpants and an old T-shirt and talking to other moms in similar get-ups makes me feel a kind of fifties feminine. And being pregnant ALWAYS makes me feel curvy and feminine, even when I'm sweating like a pig.

Herself said...

Two words:

High heels.

Anything done in high heels, even sliding my feet into them, makes me feel like an absolute Goddess.

magnolia said...

i went to dinner with my parents saturday night, and i got dressed at my new man's house. i went all out: black dress, red heels, makeup, pearls, etc. i, if i do say so myself, looked like a rock star. but before i left, i kicked the heels back off and helped him move his mattress.

yes indeed, it is possible to be a tomboy and a knockout all at the same time. and that made me feel freaking amazing.

Sada said...

I too wear an apron while cooking and cleaning purely for the iPod pocket. Fashionable AND functional!

Danielle said...

There is absolutely nothing more feminine than wearing a face full of makeup, having perfect hair, a nice dress, killer heels, and the eye of every man and woman while walking down a street.

Or even having someone open the door for you. The bf does that all the time for me, and I still love it when he does.

Karolina said...

Hey! I can agree with every one of your points. Except I don't like beaujolais... But substitute it for any good rosé and I agree!

Davinia said...

Eye liner and red lipstick do it for me. If I've got eye liner and red lipstick on, I feel like the most feminine creature in the world. Even if I'm wearing my oversized Slayer t-shirt as a pyjama and my hair is all over the place.

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