Questions I'd ask someone famous if I ever met a celebrity and had the balls to do it

I've seen a few celebrities in my time, even up-close, but I've never spoken to one. There are quite a few things I'd like to ask if the planets aligned to give me the opportunity and the nerve all at the same time. Oh, and I'd also hope for a magical truth serum to actually get some real answers to boot.

Are you kidding me with the drunken driving? So not every celebrity does this, but many have. And I just have to know, if you have that much money, why not hire a permanent DD? Am I right??

At what point does your wealth become unruly? Like, when did you hire a financial team to keep track of all your many millions in assets?

How much time do you actually spend on personal grooming? Waxing, threading, fake tanning, spa days, shopping, mani-pedis, hair cuts and colors, gosh I'm getting exhausted just listing it.

Can you give an accurate count of how many other celebrities you've done the nasty with? Because if the tabloids are even close, Hollywood is soap-opera incestuous.

How much plastic surgery and food deprivation is necessary to maintain your figure? Self-explanatory.

What would you want to know?

Posted by Erin of The Fierce Beagle


Alison said...

I always wondered about the DD. If you're wealthy, why not just hire a driver for the night or grab a taxi? So much easier than a DUI!

That Kind Of Girl said...

I'd want to ask actors who routinely make awful movies (Eugene Levy, Sandra Bullock, Jennifer Lopez, etc.) whether they honestly think projects are good before they pick them, or whether they just want the money in the bank. So many actors are talented enough to be able to take good projects, yet keep going back for gross-out comedies or spectacularly trite dramas!

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