Things From My Childhood That Probably Won’t Live Up to My Fond Memories of Them

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I read The Catcher in the Rye oh, about four times between the ages of fourteen and twenty-one. But I haven’t read it in the dozen years since. I’m terrified of reading it now and finding Holden Caulfied will have turned into a whining little brat rather than the deep thinker I remember him to be. That’s how I want to remember Holden Caulfield, a deep thinker. So I refuse to read the book again, though I’d probably still place it in my top twenty-five of all time. Other things from my childhood that likely won’t live up to my memories?

Clarissa Explains it All. I’m sure I’d still find Clarissa to be a charming influence on young girls. And I’m sure I’d still be wowed by her fashion choices. It’s just that I used to watch the show solely for Sam, Clarissa’s window-climbing friend. I wanted to make out with him in the worst way. Certainly I’d watch the show now and get skeeved at remembering the desire to make out with a fourteen year old.

Under the Boardwalk. This movie from the late 80's is a Romeo and Juliet tale with California surfers. It was a favorite between me and my siblings, and we used to laugh at it, thinking it was so bad it was good. Secretly though, I just thought it was good. I’m pretty sure if I watched it again, I wouldn’t care quite so much that the ‘locs’ (locals) say ‘brah’ while the ‘vals’ (Valleys) say ‘bro.’ And I’d still be ashamed to be from ‘the sticks’ like poor Cousin Andy.

Jelly Shoes. I mean, yeah, jelly shoes looked totally rad, especially if you had glittery ones. And Claudia Kishi totally rocked the jellies! But chances are I’m failing to remember horribly sweaty and blistered feet. Especially considering my jelly shoes most likely came from the bargain bin at K-mart.

Garbage Pail Kids. I thought GPKs were irreverent adult humor when I was a kid. I don’t even want to look at GPKs as an adult. Really? A child buried up to her neck in dirt with honey dripped over her face while ants eat away at her flesh and calling her Sticky Nikki? It sounds more stomach-turning than irreverent now. But man did I love those cards as a kid - the grosser the better.

Easy-bake Oven. There is no way cookies made from a mix and baked by the heat of a light bulb taste as good as I remember. No. Way.

What about the rest of you? What childhood favorites likely won’t live up to your fond memories?


Suniverse said...

I think the best part about having a kid is the ability to do/get all those things you loved as a kid. So far, Easy Bake oven is meh, Art supplies ROCK, and Dr. Seuss holds up well.

Amber said...

Ah, yes. Sam. I also wanted to make out with that boy. I recently re-watched some episodes and was really upset by how little Clarissa seemed to explain.

I got these Duck Tales DVDs last Christmas and I still haven't watched them. I loved that show so much and I'm afraid to sully those fond memories.

magnolia said...

i have clarissa explains it all, season one, on DVD, and while it was really fun reliving all of that, it was an extraordinarily depressing reminder that i. am. no. longer. young.

as for the jelly shoes, i did them twice; they came back around when i was in ninth and tenth grade, as well as the original run in the early 80s. though my second-wave jellies were more like real shoes, good LORD, did they produce perspiration. especially for us on the gulf coast. i don't know what we were thinking about. but the clear ones really did show off my turquoise toenail polish.

lord, i was a gen-x kid.

Gloria said...

I 100% agree with the Catcher in the Rye part

Lovers, Saints & Sailors said...

I watched The Snorks recently on youtube. My brother and I used to love it but man oh man! It's plain bad. Some things are better left unwatched.
Although the first Ninja Turtle movie is still rad and I definitely still want to make out with Casey Jones/be April O'Neil.

RMb said...

i'll save you a clarissa dissapointment & tell you that i put in my netflix queue & it wasnt even remotely as awesome as i remember.
... but it was worth the trip down memory lane. :)

Sada said...

I just looked at a ton of Garbage Pail Kids (thanks for flooding, basement!), and I have to admit I was kind of shocked by the marijuana humor they managed to sneak in. Yes, Stoned Sean is made of stone--but he's also holding a friggin' joint.

And I loved Under the Boardwalk. I never want to find out that Gitch isn't a total badass.

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