Moments of Fail I'm blaming on Cosmic Weather

Are you guys aware of the solar storms flaring up in anticipation of the 2012 height of the 11-year solar weather cycle? I know what you're thinking: Who isn't? Japanese studies have shown (watch how I don't cite them specifically, because I can't find them, but I did read about this in my Mom's All You magazine) that solar weather this month can cause irritability and heightened stress levels in human behavior. If my house were the test lab, the hypothesis would be confirmed.

Here's what I've been blaming on The Weather, if you will:

My son's inability to look my direction without throwing a tantrum. This morning, he tried to lock me in the bathroom. Just because.

My inability to quickly master driving stick shift. I know, it's sad that a 27-year-old doesn't know how. My goal is to go a whole day without stalling out.

The puppy peeing in the house four times yesterday. She hasn't done her naughties in the house in weeks.

Restless sleeping. You guys, I am a champion sleeper. I could take on a college freshman and possibly win. But the past couple weeks? Insomnia city. Ish.

How a Cinnabon contains like a zillion calories. This problem is ongoing, but why not throw it in?

Do you guys have any October moments of fail you'd like to blame on Cosmic Weather?

Posted by Erin of The Fierce Beagle


magnolia said...

sunspots would explain the unmitigated chaos in my life right now. that's for sure.

nikki said...

Uh oh. My son has been unusually tantrum-y recently too. I'm glad it's the weather and not, say, me being a terrible mother.

Melanie's Randomness said...

My sleeping. I've had the most wonky dreams lately. It has to be the weather. Also I've actually walked 8 miles this week. Am I any thinner? Nope. I've gained about 6 pounds. Go figure. I hope the cosmos evens itself out!!

I will never understand how that cinnabon is a zillion calories. It's not fair. =P

stephanie said...

i'll blame the weather for:
1) my crappy attitude lately
2) my husband being sick
3) dogs by psychotic - they act like they got into a stash of speed
4) my clumsiness today - i've dropped about everything i've touched today. annoying.

Suniverse said...

So THAT'S what's been plaguing me.

I've actually almost dozed off twice at work in recent weeks. I can't understand it, but I think it may be my body shutting down from stress.

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