Stuff I Like About Myself


I think it's always good to have a little check-in with one's self to see the things you like and the things you need to fix.  Here's the stuff I like about myself lately:

1.  My hair--It's gotten super long, and I've finally figured out how to handle all of it.  Yay!
2.  My work ethic--I've been putting a ton of effort into the things I really want, and letting go of the things that hinder me from getting there. 
3.  My new, "push through the shyness/awkwardness" attitude--I'm making new friends, lots of 'em, and even though sometimes I still feel a wee bit self-conscious, it's been cool to connect with people.

What about you?  What stuff do you like about yourself lately?

Posted by The Naked Redhead


Kiri said...

Having the courage to give fire poi a go, such a rush being surrounded by the heat and noise of it.

Sticking with university this time around and so far having made it to all but one of my lectures, and that only because I pulled a muscle pretty badly the day before and felt like hell when I woke up.

A combination of the best iteration of my current hairstyle I've yet managed, and a sweet new pair of glasses.

Patti said...

i am also loving my long hair. i've decided now i'll never cut it and work toward being one of those cool artsy old ladies with long grey hair. :)

i like my ability to be social and interact comfortably with new people.

i love that i can make people laugh.

magnolia said...

1) i have not given in to the urge to become hardened by the way things have been going with my ex lately. he won't win.

2) i love that i was able to see my dream of becoming a lawyer all the way through to passing the bar exam. it was hard, and i did it.

3) i am thrilled that i'm not afraid of the future anymore.

The Naked Redhead said...

I gotta say, you guys are awesome. Thanks for sharing. :)

Kiri said...


Congratulations for the first one. I'm trying desperately to do the same, and failing so far.

Suniverse said...

That you finally like your hair is so huge. I am still waiting for that moment in my life. Very jealous.

Anonymous said...

How exactly are you pushing through the shyness/awkwardness? I'm facing something similar, and I just can't seem to do it.

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