Movies That Never Fail To Make Me Weep

One of the great pleasures of art is that it allows us to experience the full range of human emotion without ever exposing ourself to potential risks. And as a dude whose emotional boundaries come equipped with serious-firepower border control, I appreciate the opportunity to, every once in a while, settle in for a good, long weep. Here are a few films that never fail to do the trick.

Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind: I always start crying seventeen minutes in. And generally stop by sometime the following Tuesday.

The Godfather: It's not the best '70s gangster movie -- it's not even my favorite -- but the beautifully choreographed last half-hour reduces me to tears every single time. It's friggin' opera with bullets instead of words.

50 First Dates: Confession: I've actually cried at kind of a lot of Adam Sandler movies. And not just from how awful they are.

Love Story: If you walk anywhere within twenty feet of me while I'm watching this, your shirt's getting covered with snot and mascara and you're just going to have to like it. After all, Love Story means never having to say you're sorry.

Cool Runnings: They lull you in with the laughter, and then -- oh frig, I can't even talk about it.

What movies make you want to buy stock in Kleenex? And, so it doesn't keep you up at night, my official Adam Sandler cry-count: The Wedding Singer, Mr. Deeds, Spanglish, and Big Daddy (twice). Should I -- should I see a doctor about this?

Posted by TKOG from Not That Kind Of Girl.


Kate said...

Aw love story gets me every time! My weepy films that I'd add are Step Mom and Marely and Me despite it being cheesy! x

Anonymous said...

Any movie involving some sort of animal, double points if the animal dies. (Marley and Me, My Dog Skip, Where the Red Fern Grows, Old Yeller, Black Beauty, etc.) I'm tearing up just putting the list together. And what about The Notebook, men cry watching the notebook. Men.

Julibean said...

I always cry at The Little Princess. If you really want to bawl over an Adam Sandler movie, rent Click. You'll be weeping for weeks.

nikki said...

I cry easily anyway. But dear God, Turner and Hooch makes me cry just thinking about it. My Girl will always make me cry. I took my son to see Toy Story 3, and we had to sit in the theater through the credits because I couldn't stop sobbing.

I must admit, I've never cried during an Adam Sandler movie. And I can't cry during Love Story because I'm distracted by the awful acting. And the bullshittiness of the line "love means never having to say you're sorry." Um...what? Since when is that what love means?

Marie said...

Armageddon - I cry every time when Bruce Willis tells his daughter goodbye and sends Ben Affleck off to be with her. Mt boyfriend in HS found this hilarious and would randomly have that part of the movie ready to play.

Any movie where a person/team/group perseveres. - Whether it be winning the competition, getting through a touch time, or getting out of a war. I just cry with pride.

Any time a performer gets a rush of excitement about performing. - I was in band middle school through my college career, and (dork alert!) marching in the stadium with 60,000+ people was totally a rush and I loved it. Seeing others do it makes me miss it.

Karolina said...

Roman Holiday - almost EVERY time, from the scene in the car to the end.

Alison said...

What movie doesn't make me cry would be a better question.
Don't watch a Disney movie with me unless you're okay with me wiping my nose on your shirt. Because, y'know, I just get really happy when everything works out for Belle/Ariel/Simba/Mulan/Aladdin. And my right eye is leaking just thinking about it.

Toy Story 3 was pretty rough, too. And not just because I got scared at the end. But, Andy was so freaking awesome with that little girl and I would totally have babies with a grown-up, non-animated Andy.

Nina said...

about a boy.
the moment where the kid is standing in the rain crying after his shoes have been stolen. gets me every time. and the killing me softly bit.

brokeback mountain, finding neverland and other intentionally sad films...not even a slight misting.... shoes....instant.

That Kind Of Girl said...

Oh maaaan! Some great additions to the list so far! Stepmom is DEFINITELY on my weeping list -- that movie is my friggin' crying place. My sister and I watch it at least once a year and end up bawling.

Frig, and I can't even think about Armageddon. I always lose it at the scene when Liv Tyler and Ben Affleck are having the world's most ridiculous pillow talk and it's like, oh my god, the world really is worth saving, isn't it?!

See Elle Oh said...

The Perfect Storm gets me a little each time. Sports movies, too, usually. Forrest Gump, at so many points and for so many reasons.

Oh, I'm so with the others on Armageddon. The "Leaving on a Jet Plane" scene, on top of all the others, solid tearjerker gold.

magnolia said...

i am a strange person, and here's why:

malcolm x. i mean, really, it's not like we all don't know exactly what happened at the end, but the assassination scene makes me weep every time.

pride of the yankees. the speech undoes me.

when i was younger, the ending of higher learning used to make me cry.

strangely, traditional tearjerkers don't touch me the way they do other people.

Anonymous said...

The movies that make me weepy are:
It's a Wonderful Life
The English Patient
The Passion of the Christ(hysterical sobbing)

Svastik said...

I am known to have bawled my eyes out at Love Story too. And for that matter, at A Walk to Remember as well.

And, weirdly, The 25th Hour gets me every time, I have NO IDEA why, I just start crying uncontrollably.

And even though it's a TV series, not a movie, most episodes of Grey's Anatomy. I know they're mostly ridiculously unreal, but dude, ALL THE DRAMA!

Glynis said...

Whenever I need to have a good cry, I watch The Fountain. It is fantastic and beautiful and makes the tears flow every time.

I sobbed and sobbed when I watched The Passion of the Christ, and never cried nearly as hard in a movie until I watched a 1950 film called Caged.

Also, The Fall makes me cry. Roy is crying, Alexandria is crying, and I am absolutlely weeping.

Anonymous said...

On my list, I would also add:

-Rudy (especially when all the guys watching with you are tearing up as well)
-P.S. I Love You.
-And I'll second both It's A Wonderful Life and Grey's Anatomy. Both can make me cry like a baby

Lovers, Saints & Sailors said...

I've seen In The Name Of The Father over a hundred times now and I always cry when he is out the front of the court at the end talking about clearing his father's name.

Anonymous said...

The end of the Return of the King- not the end end, which is actually sad. But like the pseudo, end, which is actually really happy.

I'm always like: "It's so happy- sob"

zyzzyva said...

I cry at a lot of movies. And TV episodes. And the occasional TV ad...

However, the movies that make me cry *the most* (not just a few tears at the end):

Ghost (The penny scene!)

The Elephant Man (I literally cried for a week after seeing this when I was about 9.)

Up (Losing his wife after a lifetime together...? I cried through the *entire* film.)

Anonymous said...

Has to be 'When A Man Loves A Woman' for me... cry without fail every time. Meg Ryan's finest hour and who can resist Adam Garcia.

Gem Wilder said...

I'll second When A Man Loves A Woman.

The main tearjerkers for me are Narnia: The Lion, The Witch & the Wardrobe. The scene at the railway station with the mothers saying goodbye to their kids - and I'm a mess.

And Running on Empty ~ River Phoenix standing with his bike on the side of the road as his family drives away singing James Taylor. BAWLING.

Others = Whale Rider, No. 2, Misery - out of sheer horror at the hobbling scene.

Sandy said...

yes! after your confession regarding adam sandler, i finally feel okay about admitting that i cried at chuck & larry. sincerely.

Abby said...

beaches, steel magnolias, it's a wonderful life, places in the heart, love actually,

and . . . uncle buck. really.

Anonymous said...

why would you say that about The GodFather?
It's the best movie EVER!

Marissa A. said...

I'm not a big crier when it comes to movies, and if I do I usually just shed a tear or two, But I absolutely bawled when I first saw Bridge to Terabithia, and continue to do so every time I see it.

P said...

Whenever I wanted to have a good cry I would watch the last hour of Titanic. I couldnt be bothered watching the other 5 million hours of it, but I would be thoroughly cried out by the time the ship sank. And then start all over again at the sequence at the end where Jack and Rose are reunited...

Vee said...

Dead Man Walking and Homeward Bound (the one where the doggies get stuck in the hole at the end and the elder doggy can't get out... can't recall if it was 1 or 2). I'm a sucker for doggies.

Anonymous said...

Yes to Dead Man Walking and, omg, Up! That movie was crazy touching all the way through.

Trip to Bountiful also made me cry. And Shawshank Redemption... amazing. Love Tim Robbins.

Friday After Lunch said...

I don't cry easily, so it's gotta be super in your face sad to get to me- Steel Magnolias (can't believe only 1 other person mentioned that one!) and Little Women- when Beth is dying...oh, just kill me now.

Bambi, Dumbo, ET and The Bear totally destroyed me when I was a kid. Seriously, can't watch them to this day.

Really, Cool Runnings? Guess I'll have to watch it again.

Kristina said...

Completely agree with steel magnolias and beaches. And that part in short circuit where they beat up Johnny 5. So bad.

But the biggest movie cry for me was the end of braveheart. But now that mel Gibson's been exposed as such a jerk I don't think it'd have the same effect.

Anonymous said...

for me it was "Keith", "The Notebook", and "Steel Magnolias". if u dont know what "Keith" is look it up.. sooooo sad. i cried the hardest on that one.

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