Words, Happenings and Events that Make Me Feel Really Friggin' Old

Sigh, nostalgia

I like being 30, I really do, but there are times when I hear, see, or do something where I'm like, "OMG, I'm an old crone."  For instance:

The Goonies movie is TWENTY-FIVE friggin years old--Kill me now.  It truly is an "oldie but a goodie."

Gwen Stefani--Anyone remember a little band called No Doubt?  I do...my fourteen-year-old nephew doesn't, and he likes to ask me questions like, "Hey, um, have you ever, um, like heard of Gwen Stefani?"  Yup, yup...I have.  Her name still makes me feel like I'm walkin' on a spiderweb (leave a message and I'll call you back.)

Noise--Young people are just too loud with their hippity hop music and LOLZ and yelling.  They hurt my old-ass ears.

80's Fashion--It's back in a big way...and I remember when it was here the first time.

High school boys--Now that I know that high school boys don't actually look like the boys from Glee (most high school boys are gangly and pimply and awkward looking, but hell, I didn't care when I was in high school...they were sOOO hot!) I can't BELIEVE the crushes I had back then.  Seriously, take a look back at your crush in a yearbook (they're made of paper, those yearbooks) and just see what a goob he was.  I dare you.

Anything make you feel old?

Posted by The Naked Redhead


nikki said...

Oh hell yes. Last year Back to the Future turned 25 and I remember seeing that in the theater. My first ever trip to the theater was to see Return of the Jedi.

A while ago, on of my friends (age 34) mentioned that he managed to graduate high school without once ever going to the library. I challenged how he could have ever written a research paper without going to the library. His 24 year old wife, rolls her eyes sarcastically and says, "Uh...internet?" Us 30-somethings, who didn't even LEARN to use the internet until college just laughed.

Anonymous said...

The Goonies! Josh Brolin was one of my first crushes.
I feel so old when people I babysat are now having babies. WTF?!?

Wicked Shawn said...

When I hear teenagers debating whether or not a song is by Nirvana. If you don't know, just instinctively know, you shouldn't even be allowed to listen because you simply don't understand.

Anetra said...

I'm with you! I watched the MTV awards this past month and I didn't know many of the performers. I also tweeted that the last awards show I watched was when Britney Spears was hot Pre-Federline. I told the girls on Twitter that it was 1999 and I was a soph. in college. They were like WAIT. You were in college when Britney came out. Yes. Yes I was. Eeek! 31 is great but sometimes I have to remember who I am talking to. :-)

Melanie's Randomness said...

I LOVED No Doubt!! When I mention & people are like Oh right the Hollaback girl & I just shake my head. "Don't Speak" was the coolest song ever! I felt old the other day when I realized that Green day is on the Classic Rock radio station. Oh well. =P

Marie said...

I work at a University and the first day of fall semester makes me feel old every year. Freshmen are now 11 years younger than me, and I swear they look younger and younger every year.

The Naked Redhead said...

Ahahaa, @Wicked Shawn, YES. If you don't know a Nirvana song when you hear it, just go listen to something else. You clearly don't understand the angsty need to wear plaid flannel shirts and not shower.

Anonymous said...

Those goddam kids walkin' through my yard. :)

laura512 said...

Yep - the fact that I'm 9 years older than you and reading how this makes YOU feel old. Sigh. Fetch me my cane.

magnolia said...

oh, i second EVERYTHING on this list. i will add:

1) the fact that pro baseball players are being drafted who were born in 1993 (bryce harper, washington nationals). i was in EIGHTH GRADE when that boy was born...

2) baby hill staffers on the metro here in DC. they're all of 21, 22 years old, but they look like gawky pre-teens playing dress-up to me. it's bizarre.

3) looking at the picture of me, the man and our friends from our trip to the beach from my nineteenth birthday. i keep it framed on my bookshelf, and my GOD, we were babies. it was TEN YEARS AGO, too. scary.

4) whenever a friend has a kid.

stephanie said...

omg your list brought back some memories...i saw no doubt play before gwen went on her tangent.

my dad called me his "almost 30 year old daughter" yesterday. as if i want to be reminded of that.

Karolina said...

Given that I'm 'just' 20, you might find it depressing that I want to partake in this conversation, but never mind...

1)Kids I always thought are babies are teens. My "little" cousin is now a 14. My baby brother has "real" homework! My parents' godson is in highschool. I'll soon die of old age.

2) The fact that I'm shocked at what teens wear to school. Today, at 9 am (9! A.! M!) I saw a flock of high school girls (about 16) dressed as if they were going to a party in a veeery exclusive club. And they had more make up than me and my two college friends together this entire week! When I was their age this would have been almost unthinkable. And what happened to backpacks? They ale carry their notebooks in purses!

Noelle said...

Seeing teens at the mall walking side by side and texting, and wanting to slap the phones out of their hands and shake them and scream that one of them could be DEAD by tomorrow so why don't they just try focusing on each other for a little while, hmm?

Whelp, I'm off to take a shot of Metamucil.

Lovers, Saints & Sailors said...

Oh man, watching Nirvana Live at Reading and thinking, "Gosh this is really good!" And then realising that it was 18 years old. 18!!! If I told kids about it today I'd be like those old people that try and push their old music on you.

Los Schoenys said...

Anyone born in the 90's makes me feel ancient! They don't even know what Kids Incorporated is!!!

Danielle said...

@ Melanie's Randomness - Wait, what?? Green Day is classic rock now? Wow, time to go shoot myself.

Do you remember being a teenager and getting frustrated because the only music your parents wanted to listen to was stuff from when they were kids? It seemed so old and horrible. Well, now that's me. A good 75% of my ipod's playlist is stuff I listened to way back when.

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