Seven Things to Love About Live Concerts

Over at Turning Fails into Wins, Katryn (aka releasealittledemon) spends her time pointing out wins and ridiculing fails, with occasional ranting interspersed in between. If you happen to see a particularly winning win or heinous fail, or have strong feelings about either, you should let her know.

You have probably been to a live show of some type--cozy bar setting, arena-style rock 'n roll, outdoor venue (with or without copious amounts of mud)--and hopefully you had a good time. Here is a list of seven things I love about seeing musicians perform live.

1. You are not looked at strangely when you dance. I am one of those dance-in-the-car people, which has engendered strange looks from all sorts of other drivers (though the kids in car seats usually start boppin' right along with me). When you're at a live music event, it's not only OK to dance, sometimes it's expected and encouraged (see: Vampire Weekend).

2. You can wear your band t-shirt. The Backstreet Boys are getting together for a reunion concert? Break out that "I heart Nick Carter" tee from 1995 and rock it out. You're going to see the Dave Matthews Band for the 40th time? You know you want to wear the concert tee you got at your first show to prove you're a true fan.

3. It's LOUD. And your parents/roomates/officemates/carpoolers aren't pissed at you for cranking it up to 11.

4. You can meet other people. Presumably they like the music so you've already got something in common, and, I am of the opinion that people are more likely to want to talk to strangers when they are happy, so it's a perfect time to potentially make new friends and/or a +1.

5. You can ignore other people. Alternatively, it is perfectly acceptable to zone out and avoid all interaction except that which is between you and the music/musicians. No one will call you emo if you're standing alone in the crowd, swaying to the beat, enjoying yourself.

6. Endorphins. I'm no scientist, but there is a school of thought that says that music causes the brain to release endorphins making you feel better and more relaxed, and I am of the opinion that this effect is multiplied when the music is live. There's something about being in the same room with someone who is, right at that moment, making music happen that fills up your brain so you can only think about the music.

7. Souvenirs. Whether you pick up another tee or a CD or just keep your ticket stub, you've got something that says, "I was here, I experienced this," and the memories (and potential hearing loss) will stay with you.

What do you love or hate about live shows?


Melanie's Randomness said...

Endorphins!!! I get so pumped after a concert!! =)

Alyssa said...

OH yeah live music is awesome. They're using their bodies to make ya move right there.
I do have to disagree with number two though! I hate when i see people at the concert wearing a shirt with the band name on it! We already know you like them... you're here! But on the other hand if its the backstreet boys then totally called for!

Lou said...

I hate going to Live Shows with people who are unwilling to relax and have a good time. They are too uptight and/or repressed to enjoy themselves and look down on you if you try to do so.

Anonymous said...

Best thing about Live Performances....When the crowd gets carried away with the music. I love those moments!

magnolia said...

love this. but as a true, honest-to-god music snob, i have to counter a couple of these:

1) concerts these days are TOO loud, especially at club shows. (my god, that makes me sound like a grizzled old man.) but seriously, if the amps are distorted and i can't make out the lyrics in the sonic muddle, your levels are too high and they need to come down a notch.

2) sometimes the crowd just does not know how to act. i saw ryan adams with my boyfriend in our hometown a couple of years ago. it was a theatre show. oh, my GOD. people would not shut up, even during the quiet parts. inappropriate things were yelled all the time. a guy spilled a bourbon and coke on me. the boyfriend saw tom waits at the same theatre the year before and the crowd was awful, to the point that on the bonus disc that came with the live album waits released last year, there was a whole section of him chastising the crowd from that show. sigh...

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