Hobbies I’m Never Actually Going to Take Up, So Let’s Just Stop Kidding Ourselves

Scrapbooking.  I love taking pictures, and have promised myself that I’m going to take at least one photo a day [please don’t ask how that’s working out, okay?].  The problem is, I end up with a ton of great photos [if I do say so myself] and a lack of interest in putting them in some sort of creative archival setting.   Every once in a while, I’ll put together an album for someone, but I usually procrastinate and do it when I’m crunched for time and then end up hating the process and wanting to stab people with those ridiculously patterned scissors.  What’s wrong with pictures in plastic sleeves?

Exercising.  Some people get a runner’s high, cruising on endorphins.  Others love to push themselves to the limit, treating their bodies like machines.  I like to pamper myself, and not get carried away with exertion.  And when I do exercise? I hate every. damn. minute.

Painting.  I have wasted a ridiculous amount of money on canvas, watercolor paper, sketch pads, books on technique, paint brushes, water color paints, and tempra paints.  I have had the sense [thus far] not to splurge on oils, but it’s been a near thing.  For all the money I’ve spent, for all the hours I’ve watched Giant Afro Painter Guy on PBS, I’ve still not produced a single painting.  No, not a single decent painting.  A single painting at all. 

Cooking.   I’ve heard of people who like to cook, who say it’s their hobby.  These people are either liars or they don’t actually have to cook every day for sustenance.  Because that shit will end any interest in cooking as a hobby.

What type of hobbies do you pretend to have?  Which ones do you actually have?

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Renee said...

Bowling. Crocheting. Those are my top ones. Followed by teething and blog reading. Those are more recent.

And I have done the big Afro guy oil painting. It's easy and I made dome rather nice "happy" places.

Anonymous said...

I will never knit, crochet, scrapbook or play softball.
I do like running, blogging and cooking.

Melanie's Randomness said...

I pretend to be very into exercising & scrapbooking. I'll say Oh I like it but yeah I just don't have the time.

BFree said...

scapbooking, no matter how hard I try. I am going to attempt one more time one day.

Ali said...

Wow, this one hit quite close to home with the scrapbooking, painting and cooking (exercise sometimes, too!). Thanks for this!

magnolia said...

it's funny, because i basically only cook when i have an audience. it's quite insane. when i am forced to cook to feed myself, i either resort to something easily microwaveable or give up and eat junk. i'm the textbook definition of a hobbyist cook. i only like to do it when it's a) a big deal and b) i have people to fuss over me.

Kiri said...

I keep saying I'll learn to knit, but then some how just never find the time. I think I should just accept that I'll never be able to knit.

On the other hand, I climb and I've just taken up karate which is alternately terrifying and fantastic. Oh, and I read, lots.

stephanie said...

oh bob ross & his happy trees...

Suniverse said...

I'm on my iPhone, so only a quick comment but I'm sooo glad to see I'm not alone!! Plus, new hobby ideas I can pretend to try.

Anonymous said...

I own a gazillion dollars worth of beading supplies. Turns out I'm just not good at it. I do make quilts, though. And I'm great at refinishing thrifted furniture.

Pam said...

I love this post, cause I always feel like a hobby poseur. I definitely "get into something" and then abandon it. This had led to a major fear of 'faking it' cause I know I'll change my mind one day ... causes some serious anxiety! I want to take some time off to bum around and see how I prefer to use my time ... but perhaps it's that I prefer variety? I have no idea.

I own a water jogging belt. Yes, I was going to get into that (also, it's really cool if you have the time and don't care about looking like you're 90 y/o)

Tonya said...

Oh god, yea, cooking. If I could move the kitchen out of the house and just ring up for food when I feel like it that would be awesome. Wait a minute...I should live in hotel!
Also, I have a pile of books that I always think I'll get time to read. You know, easy reading, like Nietzsche's bio.
This is why I need a meth habit: I'll have time to do all kinds of stuff AND I won't care about cooking because I won't eat!

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